JOE 4.0.0

JOE is a terminal-based text editor, suitable as programming editor. It blends features and keybindings from WordStar and Emacs, but comes with its own set of features. Syntax highlighting for various languages are available, bracket matching, multi-buffer editing, search and replace across files, tags file support, formatting tools, rectangle selections, xterm/mouse integration, restricted editor variants, shell frames and external tool pipes, hexediting, a built-in macro language and calculato

jupp 28 💾

jupp is a text editor. It is highly configurable and comes, besides the standard WordStar-compatible key bindings known from the DR DOS Editor, Turbo C, and Borland C++, with the configurations known from JOE’s Own Editor, namely joe, jmacs, jpico, jstar, and rjoe. It is a portable, compact full-screen editor with comprehensive online help, full key binding configurability, user-defined macros, extensibility, hooks on file open and save, a hex editor, multiple character sets, visual spaces, synt

minor bugfix: Mention in comments that when enabling the -backpath option, its argument must not be quoted, nor followed by a comment. Some mostly harmless code cleanup; fix speeds array access/sizing. Fix size_t mixup. Introduce KF (jupprc): compile and download NXC program to NXT brick. Better const-cleanliness of code. Quell New File message for scratch buffers. Fix URI in ChangeLog file. Actually build with LFS on GNU/Linux.

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