PowerShell Core 7.3.0 💾

PowerShell Core is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, and macOS) automation and configuration tool/framework that works well with your existing tools and is optimized for dealing with structured data (e.g. JSON, CSV, XML, etc.), REST APIs, and object models. It includes a command-line shell, an associated scripting language and a framework for processing cmdlets.

minor feature: 7.3.0 - 2022-11-08. General Cmdlet Updates and. Correct calling cmdlet `New-PSSessionOption` in script for `Restart-Computer`. Tests. Add test for framework dependent package in release pipeline (Internal 23139). Build and Packaging Improvements. lt;details gt;. lt;summary gt;. lt;p gt;Bump to use internal.NET 7 GA build (Internal 23096) lt;/p gt;. lt;/summary gt;. lt;ul gt;. lt;li gt;with building test artifacts (Internal 23116) lt;/li gt;. lt;li gt;Use lt;code gt;AzFileCopy lt;/code gt; task instead of lt;code gt;AzCopy.exe lt;/code gt; lt;/li gt;. lt;li gt;Remove lt;code gt;AzCopy lt;/code gt; installation from msixbundle step lt;/li gt;. lt;li gt;Add TSAUpload for APIScan lt;/li gt;. lt;li gt;Add authenticode signing for assemblies on Linux builds lt;/li gt;. lt;li gt;Do not remove lt;code gt;penimc_cor3.dll lt;/code gt; from build lt;/li gt;. lt;li gt;Allow two-digit revisions in vPack package validation pattern lt;/li gt;. lt;li gt;Bump lt;code gt;Microsoft.PowerShell.Native lt;/code gt; from lt;code gt;7.3.0-rc.1 lt;/code gt; to lt;code gt;7.3.0 lt;/code gt; lt;/li gt;. lt;/ul gt;. lt;/details gt;. 7.3.0 : v7.3.0-rc.1...v7.3.0.

MITL powershell shell

ClickyColoury 0.9.0

ClickyColoury is a graphical frontend for invoking Powershell scripts/tools. It provides a WPF-based interface, and implements a poor mans PSHost. It's meant as frontend to an asortment of administrative tools. Scripts written for the CLI run nearly unchanged due to Write-Host/Read-Host aliases. Additionally implements the "plugin meta data" for proper categorization of tools and extensions, with flexible support for additional input.