requests 2.19.0 💾

Requests is a full-featured HTTP utility module for Python. It provides a simple and encompassing API for issuing requests and accessing responses and metadata. Requests supports international domains and IRLs, keep-alive session pools, persistent cookies, SSL/TLS, HTTP authorization (basic and digest token), standard Content-Encoding compression schemes, Unicode content, multipart/* MIME content, connection timeouts, and is thread-safe.

major bugfix: Improvements Warn user about possible slowdown when using cryptography version 1.3.4. Check for invalid host in proxy URL, before forwarding request to adapter. Fragments are now properly maintained across redirects. (RFC7231 7.1.2). Removed use of cgi module to expedite library load time. Added support for SHA-256 and SHA-512 digest auth algorithms. Minor performance improvement to `Request.content`. Migrate to using for 3.7 compatibility. Parsing empty `Link` headers with `parse_header_links()` no longer return one bogus entry. where loading the default certificate bundle from a zip archive would raise an `IOError`. with unexpected `ImportError` on windows system which do not support `winreg` module. DNS resolution in proxy bypass no longer includes the username and password in the request. This also the of DNS queries failing on macOS. Properly normalize adapter prefor url comparison. Passing `None` as a file pointer to the `files` param no longer raises an exception. Calling `copy` on a `RequestsCookieJar` will now preserve the cookie policy correctly. Dependencies. We now support idna v2.7. We now support urllib3 v1.23.

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