Weblate 5.5.5

Weblate is an open source web-based translation tool with version control. It includes several hundred languages with basic definitions, and enables the addition of more language definitions, all definitions can be edited by the web community or a defined set of people, as well as through integrating machine translation, such as DeepL, Amazon Translate, or Google Translate.

TLG to Unicode Converter 1.8.2

tlgu will convert an input_file from Thesaurus Linguae Graeca (TLG) and Packard Humanities Institute (PHI) representation to a Unicode (UTF-8) output_file which can then be read or searched using available pattern matching tools, like grep and awk. The TLG/PHI representation consists of "beta-code" text and citation information. The TLG / PHI and Epigraphical corpuses include the majority of classical Hellenic and Latin works and inscriptions. Several options are available, including splitting

Zanata 4.6.2

Zanata is a web-based Java editor for software translation. It exposes a REST API for external integration, can work on DocBook through PO files, property files, XLIFF and other formats. It requires JBoss EAP or WildFly and uses CDI, React, GWT and Hibernate.

iLib 8.0

iLib is a collection of internationalization functions for JavaScript. It provides date/time localization, duration & date range formatting, number, percentage, and currency formatting and parsing; calendar support, time zones and locale infos, string translation and formatting routines, "ctype" functions, collation/sorting, address, phone number and name parsing or formatting, phone number parsing and formatting.

GlobalSight 8.5.6

GlobalSight is a content translation software with process management. workflow. It integrates text translation tools, glossaries, and allows to customize the text editing workflow, reviewing, and approval. It comes as online application and offline processing tool. It supports OpenDocument / LibreOffice, MS Office, XML, HTML, Indesign, Framemaker, Passolo, WorldSever, and many other file formats. It utilizes translation interchange formats such as TMX, TBX, SRX, XLIFF.

gettext 0.19.3

GNU gettext is a software translation toolkit and library. It provides a standardized string storage format and language bindings to facilitate text lookups and pluralized variant interpolation. Command-line tools aid text extraction and inserting the gettext lookup _() function calls. It's widely used with C and C++ software, but also supports shell scripts, C#, Perl, Python, Lisp, Scheme, Java, AWK, Tcl, PHP, Glade, Lua, JavaScript and Vala.

Free Dictionaries German-English 0.3.6

FreeDict provides bi-lingual dictionaries in the TEI P5 XML format, which is readily convertible into DICT or StarDict format. The dictionaries contain word translations, pronunciation and etymology comments. There are dictionaries between English, French, German, Dutch, Afrikaans, Hungarian, Russian, Breton, Catalan, Islandic, Occitan, Macedonian, Spanish, Latin, Nynorsk, Serbian, Croatian, Turkish, Slovak, Sanskrit, Portugues, Polish, Lithuanian, Scottish, Gaelic, Japanese, Italian, Irish, Hin