iLib 8.0

iLib is a collection of internationalization functions for JavaScript. It provides date/time localization, duration & date range formatting, number, percentage, and currency formatting and parsing; calendar support, time zones and locale infos, string translation and formatting routines, "ctype" functions, collation/sorting, address, phone number and name parsing or formatting, phone number parsing and formatting.

Tags javascript internationalization i18n locale localization translation
License Apache
State stable

Recent Releases

8.030 Oct 2014 20:32 major feature: Added support for phone number parsing and formatting, which supports the following countries: NANP (North American Numbering Plan) countries - USA, Canada, Bermuda, and various Caribbean nations, UK (GB), Republic of Ireland (IE), Germany (DE) France (FR), Spain (ES), Italy (IT), Mexico (MX), India (IN), People's Republic of China (CN), Netherlands (NL), Belgium (BE), Luxembourg (LU), Australia (AU), New Zealand (NZ), Singapore (SG), Republic of Korea (KR). Can parse and format SMS short code, emergency numbers, etc. Can parse and format partial numbers as well, which can be used to format the number as the user is typing it in. Also added support for phone number comparison and normalization. Supports Verizon's "Assisted Dialing", which allows you to dial any number in your contact list in any country, and the correct prefixes will be added/removed to dial that number. Supports normalization of SMS numbers and short codes as well. Added ilib.Date.getTimeExtended method, which is similar to ilib.Date.getTime in that it returns the number of milliseconds since midnight Jan 1, 1970 UTC, but it is not limited to the range of time of the normal 32 bit time_t. Instead, it returns the full range of what the the Javascript Date can return, which is midnight Jan 1, 1970 UTC plus or minus 100 million days. (That's approximately -271821 BCE to 275760 CE in the proleptic Gregorian calendar.) Refactored the phone number parsing engine so that now we can support Japanese area codes. Rewrote the phone number parsing state generator in Javascript to output tries instead of state tables. Regenerated all phone number parsing files. Added support for Japanese and Taiwanese phone number parsing, formatting, and geolocation. Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where the address formatter would not work if you did not give any options in the constructor and were just trying to use the defaults. Fixed the name of the Korean "brackets" phone number formatting style t
7.004 Sep 2014 01:11 major feature: Added support for the Persian astronomical and Persian algorithmic calendars. Updated to IANA time zone database version 2014f, which includes the major recent changes to the Russian time zones. Added corrected support for Korean in the name parsing/formatting. Bug fixes with Thai formatting, date formats in RTL context, inDaylightTime for local timezones, rounding errors.