DuckDuckGo community platform 1.246 💾

The community platform is DuckDuckGos developer hub. Its reference implementation is written in Perl and required PostgreSQL. It includes the forum, blogs, comments, an idea collection, translation tools, development testbeds for the instant-answer extensions (Perl, via JSON API), mailing list integration, and documentation features.

minor feature: Update LICENSE . . . Draft shutdown message. . Add shutdown message to translate templates. . Update message. . spacing. . .

Apache perl web community-management developers

Universal Media Server 7.8.0 💾

Universal Media Server is a DLNA-compliant UPnP Media Server, which is implemented in Java and thus runs on all operating systems. It can convert any media file format, and stream it to a wide range of hardware devices (smart TVs, and media centers).

major bugfix: General: Added examples for all binary tools paths in UMS.conf Added detection of JDK to the Windows installer custom option parsing for ffmpeg_gpu_decoding_acceleration_method error when FFmpeg deferred to MEncoder Web interface: Added Subtitle Translator to the menu Added new home screen with automatic entry Added player navigation using keys to return to home screen Added new logo icon fully displayed and transparent in web interface browse view Made caption, folder list and play toolbar buttons compliant with material design audio thumbnails some buttons not displaying correctly broken hover effect on Firefox Modified menu icons Languages: Updated translations via Crowdin: French translation updated Icelandic translation updated Japanese translation updated Ukranian translation updated. 8.0.0-a2 - 2018-12-27 - Changes since 8.0.0-a1. General: support for picture-based subtitles images being displayed in low quality a when writing OpenSubtitles data to the database audio flags in TRANSCODE folders All changes in 7.7.1 Dependencies: Updated MediaInfo to 18.12 on Windows and macOS.

GNU GPL java media streaming ffmpeg upnp dlna

Kdenlive 18.12.01 💾

Kdenlive is an intuitive and powerful multi-track video editor, including most recent video technologies, released as a free software (GPL).

minor feature:

GNU GPL video non-linear-editor editor multimedia kde

gradle 5.1.1 💾

Gradle is an open-source build automation tool focused on flexibility and performance. Gradle build scripts are written using a Groovy or Kotlin DSL.

major feature: This bug-fix release contains several changes to Gradle 5.1, notably: A daemon memory leak affecting all projects #8142 Incremental Java compilation #8194 A fix to Gradle's generated Javadoc in 5.1 #8183 We recommend that you use Gradle 5.1.1 over 5.1.

Apache build-tool c c++ groovy java

Jailer 8.2.5 💾

Database Subsetting and Relational Data Browsing Tool. Navigate bidirectionally through the database by following foreign-key-based or user-defined relationships. Exports consistent, referentially intact row-sets from relational databases. Removes data w/o violating integrity. Generates topologically sorted SQL-DML, hierarchically structured XML. and DbUnit datasets.

minor feature: Improved livelock prevention. feature-requests:#61 "Information about exported rows". "Data Export Dialog: Some settings are 'lost' between Exports". NPE in "explain" feature. Minor.

Apache front-end quality-assurance utilities java sql cross-plattform developers end-users

Vim 8.1.0712 💾

Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems. Vim is often called a "programmer's editor," and so useful for programming that many consider it an entire IDE. It's not just for programmers, though. Vim is perfect for all kinds of text editing, from composing email to editing configuration files.

minor feature: patch 8.1.0712: MS-Windows build instructions are a bit outdated Problem: MS-Windows build instructions are a bit outdated. Solution: Update the instructions. (Ken Takata).

Other text-editor ide vi vim

Linux kernel 4.20.1 💾

Linux is a mostly POSIX-compliant Unix-inspired operating system kernel, originally implemented by Linus Torvalds and now maintained as an international project. It's the base and common namegiver to a wide array of Linux distributions. The kernel provides all modern Unix-y features, like true process multitasking, virtual memory, virtual and clustered filesystem support, complex networking and extensive support for various hardware and machine platforms.

minor feature: Linux 4.20.1, MIPS: Only include mmzone.h when CONFIG_NEED_MULTIPLE_NODES=y, spi: bcm2835: Unbreak the build of esoteric configs, tpm: tpm_i2c_nuvoton: use correct command duration for TPM 2.x, tpm: tpm_try_transmit() refactor error flow. parisc: Remap hugepage-aligned pages in set_kernel_text_rw(), arm64: compat: Don't pull syscall number from regs in arm_compat_syscall, arm64: compat: Avoid sending SIGILL for unallocated syscall numbers, iommu/arm-smmu-v3: big-endian CMD_SYNC writes, KVM: arm/arm64: vgic: off-by-one in vgic_get_irq(), KVM: arm/arm64: VMID alloc race by reverting to lock-less, KVM: arm/arm64: vgic-v2: Set active_source to 0 when restoring state, KVM: arm/arm64: vgic: Cap SPIs to the VM-defined maximum, KVM: arm/arm64: vgic: Do not cond_resched_lock() with IRQs disabled, rtc: m41t80: Correct alarm month range with RTC reads, ARM: dts: exynos: Specify I2S assigned clocks in proper node, arm/arm64: KVM: vgic: Force VM halt when changing the active state of GICv3 PPIs/SGIs, arm64: KVM: Avoid setting the upper 32 bits of VTCR_EL2 to 1, CIFS: use the correct length when pinning memory for direct I/O for write, CIFS: return correct errors when pinning memory failed for direct I/O, smb3: large reads on encrypted connections, CIFS: error mapping for SMB2_LOCK command which caused OFD lock problem, MIPS: a R10000_LLSC_WAR logic in atomic.h, MIPS: OCTEON: mark RGMII interface disabled on OCTEON III, MIPS: Expand MIPS32 ASIDs to 64 bits, MIPS: Align kernel load address to 64KB, MIPS: Ensure pmd_present() returns false after pmd_mknotpresent(), MIPS: c-r4k: Add r4k_blast_scache_node for Loongson-3, MIPS: math-emu: Write-protect delay slot emulation pages, tools lib traceevent: processing of dereferenced args in bprintk events, media: v4l2-fwnode: setting V4L2_MBUS_DATA_ACTIVE_HIGH/LOW flag, media: v4l2-tpg: array index could become negative, media: vb2: check memory model for VIDIOC_CREATE_BUFS, media: vim2m: use cancel_delayed_work_sync instead of flush_schedu

GNU GPL c linux kernel operating-system

Embedthis MakeMe 1.0.2 💾

Embedthis MakeMe is a modern replacement for make and autoconf. It manages the building of programs and products by direct compilation and the generation of IDE projects and Makefiles. MakeMe can portably build programs for Linux, Mac and Windows and handles cross-compilation with ease.

minor feature: Essential Upgrade -- All users strongly advised to upgrade. Recommended Upgrade -- Upgrade recommended but not essential. Optional Upgrade -- Upgrade only if convenient. Further windows build improvements and for locating VS 2017. Stop polluting windows build environment. output directory for "me deploy". Add ASLR and DEP windows compiler options by default. . Download. Documentation.

GNU GPL makeme gyp bit make autoconf makefile cake

Mozilla Firefox 64.0.2 💾

Firefox is a widely used web browser. It's based on Mozillas Gecko HTML rendering and IonMonkey JavaScript engine. It supports HTML5, XML, XHTML, SVG 1.1, MathML, XSLT, CSS3, Web fonts, APNG, SSL/TLS, sandboxed JavaScript 1.8.5 with many newer DOM and WHATWG extensions. It's highly extensible and themeable, provides tabbed browsing, security and privacy features, traditional and live/smart bookmarks.

minor feature: a browser crash on MacOS ( ), Updated the Japanese translation for missing strings ( ), Properly restore column sizes in developer tools inspector ( ), video stuttering on Youtube ( ), updates for some lightweight themes ( ), Reference link to 64.0 release notes

MPL c++ web-browser html5 javascript mozilla

digiKam 5.9.0 💾

digiKam is a KDE photo collection manager. It provides streamlined importing and organizing/classifying them into albums or chronologies. Besides allowing custom directory schemes for storage, it also permits plain tagging, indexing and rating. Through KIPI it integrates with other KDE photo management software; but also provides a Light Table tool to pick highest quality shots from a series, or retouch them. A built-in image editor can apply colorization and lightning correction effects.

minor bugfix:

GNU GPL c++ qt image photo galleries management kde digital-camera

Nextcloud 15.0.1RC2 💾

Access, share and protect your files, calendars, contacts, communication & more at home and in your enterprise. Keep all of your life / business private and secure on a server you control. Share with only who you choose, and no-one else.

minor feature: Add acceptance tests for resharing a folder with another user . Add acceptance tests for folders that can not be reshared. . Extract sharing related acceptance tests to their own feature files. . Extract locators and steps for sharing in Files app to their own context. . Rename "FilesSharingAppContext" to "PublicShareContext". . tx-robot updated from transifex. . . . I changed the width of the srollbar to make it a bit bigger. . Open the updater via a POST form submit instead of eval the JS code d . . folder path containing leading slash when getting mount root by id. . . . add capabilities for multiple share links. . . . . . tx-robot updated from transifex. . . . Remove old button to submit the apppassword login. . Remove redirect page. . tests. . Update autoloader classmap. . relative timestamp in versions. . Show mimetype icon if version preview is not available. . update encryption wrapper tests. . Don't require Same Site Cookies on accessibility assets. . Better identification of the public link shares. . Apply patch from @cwiedmann but drop -oi option for pipe. . Add sendmailmode to gui. . Add testcases for pipe mode. . . . Set Referrer-Policy also in addSecurityHeaders(). . . . . . app navigation edit entry. . default filepicker style and gridview. . Remove animation on the sidebar for accessibility purpose. . the loader position and the focus state on the login button. . . . . . . . Add check for missing.woff2 rule in Nginx via setup check. . . . . . . . update compatible versions for cloud federation api. . cannot set 0 as value on files_external through OCC command. . . . . . tx-robot updated from transifex. . . . Parse activity when a user self-unshares a file. . . . 15.0.0 RC 2. . . . tx-robot updated from transifex. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . dialogs, button position. . tx-robot updated from transifex. . activatable/deactivatable 2fa prov

Affero GPLv3 storage cloud web-environment file-sharing secure s3 dropbox

Bokeh 1.0.4 💾

Bokeh is a Python library for interactive visualizations, plots and dashboards in web browsers. It provides unique rendering recipes and capabilities for large and streaming data sets.

minor documentation: : - #8558 py2 Safer alternative for unicode notebook in python 2. Features: - #8513 notebook Strip out ipython magics when serving notebooks. Tasks: - #8207 Adding/updating boilerplate code. - #8525 component: tests Don't resize window when running images tests. - #8533 component: build Remove warning about `gulp build` in prepare.js. - #8534 component: docs Docs tweak to add note about bokeh_dev and apps. - #8541 Pyyaml version is vulnerable to cve-2017-18342. - #8543 component: server Bad error message for nonexistent bokeh serve target. - #8548 component: docs Add small documentation to slider callback_policy which only apply to customjs. - #8550 component: docs -up bokeh_dev docs (follow-up). - #8553 Add model, event, and populate bokeh.models __all__. - #8555 py2 Unicode when serving notebooks on python 2. - #8556 component: docs Correct three minor typos.

BSDL python javascript d3js visualization data-presentation rendering

PacketFence 8.3.0 💾

PacketFence is a network access control (NAC) manager. It includes numerous features, including user registration and sanitation, central wireless and cable-network control, BYOD (bring-your-own-device) configuration, 802.1X support, and layer-2 device isolation. PacketFence is useful for managing small to large networks and intranet-access points.

major feature: New Features Added support for Juniper EX2300 (JUNOS 18.2) switches. Clickatell authentication source support. Added a random algorithm for VLAN pooling. Added the ability to reserve IP addresses in pfdhcp. Added a way to trigger a violation when device profiling detects a change in the device class. New SSL Inspection portal module. RADIUS proxy integration from web admin interface. RADIUS filtering support for pre_proxy/post_proxy/preacct/accounting/authorize phases. Updated the Windows provisioning agent to the new Golang based version. Enhancements. Redis now only listens on localhost. Deprecate usage of roaring bitmap for the DHCP IP pool. Email and SponsorEmail sources can have banned and allowed email domains. Improved startup time of pfdhcp. Removed OPSWAT Metadefender Cloud support. Chose password hashing algorithm when creating a local user from a source. Define the length of the password to generate when creating a local user from a source. New "dummy" source just to compute the rules. Logs permissions and configuration for Debian. missing cache directory for NTLM auth cache. working directory of NTLM auth cache sync script. Handled multiple LDAP hosts properly in NTLM auth cache. with the DHCP server that gives sometimes a duplicate IP address. Adjusted CentOS and RHEL dependencies. MAC filtered lookups that were cached in pfdns. the OpenVAS integration to work with OpenVAS Manager 7.0 (OpenVAS 9). encoding of files created in the administration interface (force them to UTF-8).

GNU GPL php perl administrator network security wireless web-based monitoring access-control

RTextDoc 2.3 💾

RTextDoc is a structured text editor for typesetting. It supports AsciiDoc, DocBook and LaTeX for authoring notes, books, web pages, man pages, or websites and blogs. It provides instant grammar and spell checking, integrated dictionaries, WYSIWYG BibTeX equations, HTML from and to LaTeX conversion. It also includes a PDF output viewer, and can be used portably without installation.

major feature: Improved dictionary support and highlighting

GNU GPL java swing editor latex asciidoc docbook text-processing typesetting

Siren 0.9 💾

Siren is a text-based audio player for UNIX-like operating systems. Supported file formats include Ogg Vorbis, MP3, Opus, FLAC, AAC, WavPack, WAVE and AIFF. Playback is possible through sndio, PulseAudio, ALSA, OSS, Sun audio, PortAudio and libao. Siren is known to run on OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Linux and OS X.

minor feature: Add the close-output-plugin command. Add the continue-after-error option. Unbreak the build on systems other than OpenBSD. Unbreak the build of the ffmpeg plug-in on macOS.

ISC audio curses mp3 music ncurses player terminal text-based