Jailer 7.9.4 💾

Database Subsetting and Relational Data Browsing Tool. Navigate bidirectionally through the database by following foreign-key-based or user-defined relationships. Exports consistent, referentially intact row-sets from relational databases. Removes data w/o violating integrity. Generates topologically sorted SQL-DML, hierarchically structured XML. and DbUnit datasets.

minor feature: Comprehensive usability improvements of the data browser. Animated row-to-row links. Increased rendering quality of row-to-row link. . Animated row-to-row links. Increased rendering quality of row-to-row link.

Apache front-end quality-assurance utilities java sql cross-plattform developers end-users

Cinnamon 3.8.4 💾

Cinnamon is a traditional graphical desktop for BSD/Linux and X11, derived from GNOME. It extends the Shell with a panel styled after GNOME 2, but adds more recent functionality, backend and application bindings. It provides MDM, a login manager, networking and bluetooth applets, virtual workspaces, theming, desktop icons, portable keybindings, Qt-theme bridging, visual effects, and a configuration center. It's the default desktop environment for Linux Mint, but packaged for many other distributions.

minor feature: SettingsWidgets.py: strip pkexec from standalone module exec strings when checking for their existence. Simplify the check as well. st-theme-node-drawing,transition.c: initialize framebuffer early to check for error. cs_startup.py: Don't lose 's' for delay time when editing and saving an entry. tooltips.js: use ClutterActor's has-pointer property for timeout callback check. network applet: typo with showing access points in certain instances - caused by 319958fac2dd9347, cs_power.py: Eliminate redundant check for screen backlight. It fails incorrectly. systray: skype, Revert "network applet: Don't show unmanaged networks in the list.", cs_power.py: Display a keyboard backlight section on the brightness, l10n: Update POT file.

GNU GPL c vala desktop x11 gtk3 gnome gnome3 gnome-shell

BallroomDJ 3.21.2 💾

BallroomDJ is a ballroom music player. It is designed to let the computer choose the music and to be able to play music the entire evening without intervention. It features flexible playlists, music queue management, requests, seeking in songs, speed with pitch control, and an optional audio file organizer. Songs may be adjusted with start and end trimming, speed adjustments and volume adjustments without changing the audio file.

major bugfix: BallroomDJ 3.21.2 (2018-6-8) (stable) Bug Fixes: Player: Fix seek to song start with tclvlc interface (introduced in 3.20.0).

Zlib end-users linux macos windows tk tcl player ballroom

exiftool 11.00 💾

ExifTool is a Perl library and command-line tool for reading and updating common meta data information in various file formats. Foremost it works on image files, EXIF, PNG, GPS, IPTC, XMP, JFIF/JPEG, GeoTIFF, ICC Profile, Photoshop IRB, FlashPix, AFCP, AIFF, DJVU, Postscript, GZIP, OpenDocument, PDF, SVG, OGG and ID3. It can also edit maker notes of digital (RAW) camera files from Canon, Casio, FLIR, FujiFilm, GE, HP, JVC/Victor, Kodak, Leaf, Minolta/Konica-Minolta, Nikon, Nintendo, Olympus/Epson, Panasonic/Leica, Pentax/Asahi, Phase One, Reconyx, Ricoh, Samsung, Sanyo, Sigma/Foveon and Sony.

major feature: (production release). - Added read support for WTV and DVR-MS videos. - Added print conversions for some ASF date/time tags. - Added a new SonyModelID. - Decode a new PanasonicRaw tag. - Decode some new Sony RX100 VI tags. - Made Padding and OffsetSchema tags "unsafe" so they aren't copied by default.

Artistic perl exif meta-data

MISP 2.4.92 💾

MISP, Malware Information Sharing Platform and Threat Sharing, is an open source software solution for collecting, storing, distributing and sharing cyber security indicators and threat about cyber security incidents analysis and malware analysis. MISP is designed by and for incident analysts, security and ICT professionals or malware reverser to support their day-to-day operations to share structured informations efficiently.

minor feature: Add config mapping for 'gpgconf' option in Crypt_GPG library. . : stix1 export Cleaned indentation typo. . add: stix1 export Exporting network connection MISP objects. . : stix1 export Quick on variables. . add: stix1 export Exporting network-socket MISP objects. . chg: misp-galaxy updated to the latest version. . Merge branch '2.4' of github.com:MISP/MISP into 2.4. . : stix1 import name of MISP objects parsing for import. . : stix1 import Commented atm not used attribute in object process. . add: stix1 export Exporting Process MISP objects. . add: stix1 import Little update following the process object export . . : invalid org lookup on the attribute index resulting in som . . Merge branch '2.4' of github.com:MISP/MISP into 2.4. . . add: stix1 export Added reference between process and other objects. . stix1 export Edited indicator id. . Merge branch '2.4' of github.com:MISP/MISP into 2.4. . add: stix1 export Supporting windows-service-name attribute export. . : stix1 export reference creation for process object when . . : stix1 export Atm skipping objects not mapped yet for export. . add: stix1 export Added namespaces for WindowsService object. . stix1 export typo. . : stix1 import test to define if a STIX file is from MISP. . : stix1 import uuid fetching when a STIX object has no id. . new: New flash message system. Merge branch '2.4' of github.com:MISP/MISP into 2.4. . : some with the new notifications. . Chg: misp-taxonomies updated to the latest version. . : Minor cleanup of the default layout. . Merge branch '2.4' of github.com:MISP/MISP into 2.4. . : some menu misalignment with demode off. . : layout. . : invalid pluralisation. . : user add form loses checkbox settings on failed submission when . . : Ignore camelised vs underscored controller name differences in t . . : Various to the add feed action/view. . : a DOM based XSS with cortex type attributes. . : editing servers to add a

Affero GPLv3 threat-sharing threat-hunting threatintel malware-analysis stix information-exchange fraud-management security cybersecurity fraud-detect

etcd 3.3.7 💾

etcd is a distributed key-value store, used as shared cluster configuration backend. It automatically elects a master server, allows dynamic config data with optional TTLs, provides a JSON API over HTTP with TLS and long polling, uses the Raft protocol for distribution. It's the basis for CoreOS, integrates with fleet/systemd, and thus also provides service discovery.

minor feature: Support TLS cipher suite whitelisting. To block weak cipher suites. TLS handshake fails when client hello is requested with invalid cipher suites. Add etcd --cipher-suites flag. If empty, Go auto-populates the list. . To block weak cipher suites. TLS handshake fails when client hello is requested with invalid cipher suites. Add etcd --cipher-suites flag. If empty, Go auto-populates the list.

Apache go database key-value distributed configuration administrator coreos json http

OrientDB 3.0.2 💾

OrientDB is a 2nd Generation Distributed Graph Database with the flexibility of Documents in one product with an Open Source commercial friendly license (Apache 2 license). First generation Graph Databases lack the features that Big Data demands: multi-master replication, sharding and more flexibility for modern complex use cases.

minor feature: Added OAESGCMEncryption . Cleanup. . - Refactored from ByteBuffer to byte , since this is used by the API . . Improved error handling, refactoring. . Fail early if cipher instance is not available. . Applied orientdb code formatter. . Codacy. Codacy. Codacy. Version bumped to 3.0.2-SNAPSHOT. . Edit OrientDB license info so that GitHub recognizes it. . Propagation of save on sets - Object API. . Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:orientechnologies/orientdb into . . re-enabled test a distributed test. . CREATE INDEX with implicit class.property syntax. . Add test case for sets on Object DB. . Management of lightweight test in database layer. . . Revert "edit OrientDB license info so that GitHub recognizes it". . . . of. Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:orientechnologies/orientdb into . . Inserting embedded lists in SQL. . Removed not needed configuration from server xml configurations of te . . Changes to SecureRandom creation. . Query performance from Studio - use command() instead of execute( . . Using new test implementation. . Made sure that the cluster security is always checked for both save s . . Call of async save callback for all the case of tx. . Json serialization on REST protocol. . Support new SQL executor for functions with language=sql. . Just some code cleanup on OResult. . For let, when determing if let is global or per record, functionC . . Without propagating isTraversePerRecordFunction through whole pipeline. . Removed unused import. . Check if function call is related to traverse function little bit mor . . Merge branch 'develop' into letExpression_new. . Removed params property checking because it is enough just to check i . . Cleanup. . Cleanup. . . . Usage of SEARCH_FIELDS() in square brackets. . Refactor OScriptDocumentDatabaseWrapper (db instance for js functions . . . . Removed deprecated left comments of reduced encryption safety for old . . Draft version of encrypti

Apache nosql dbms graphdb

Zanata 4.5.0-rc-2 💾

Zanata is a web-based Java editor for software translation. It exposes a REST API for external integration, can work on DocBook through PO files, property files, XLIFF and other formats. It requires JBoss EAP or WildFly and uses CDI, React, GWT and Hibernate.

minor feature: feat(ZNTA-1699) add story for Project Version Documents page and upda . (ZNTA-2371)(ZNTA-2377) height of panels on jsf pages so dropdo . . . . (ZNTA-2371): attempt to functional tests. . Revert "(ZNTA-2371): attempt to functional tests". . (ZNTA-2371) functional test. style(ZNTA-2091): also apply dropdown style to gwt-editor glossary, t . . . . Add Typescript. . feat(ZNTA-2325): display syntax highlighting for focused textflow only. . Merge commit '9f80e8c53990a1c64dfe0c9d430f3fd97f78c55e' into HEAD. . test(ZNTA-2325): rendering of Syntax Highlighting. . . . Merge commit 'be83e34631a16e4eaa9598688449f5e56dfa20a1' into HEAD. . Merge commit 'bd7b258c13172e69cf1284c163127bf000cb9f84' into HEAD. . Merge commit '5629292aa40bacbfdddc526a3d8c464b8a3bf203' into HEAD. . (ZNTA-2378) remove references to aria-hidden from zanata-war dialo . . . . (ZNTA-2371) add correct ID to handle jsf project page dropdowns. . Merge commit '98f0d5ec392242a126e4612d2ab052e0840842f7' into HEAD. . . . Merge branch 'release' for 4.4.2. . Merge branch 'release' for 4.4.3. . : added Toggle back to RejectTranslations settings page for comments. . : storybook frontend and editor. . Merge branch 'master' into ZNTA-2313. . Run watch tasks on separate ports. . : invalid js import syntax. . : references to http. . WIP(ZNTA-2391) add grid and 2 box rows for admin react page. . WIP: add admin/home page to react. . feat(ZNTA-2318): Editor Review / Reject Translation. . WIP(ZNTA-2391) admin home to react. . feat(ZNTA-2391) add styling for react Admin home. . Type check JS by default. . : editorl url references. . update failing snapshot tests. . Move entry points, require all source files as test. . (ZNTA-2391): add Id to react admin page selenium tests use. . : udpate gravator urls, update snapshot tests. . : remove reference to amp from urls and update gravatar image url. . : updated header data reducer test. . typos in gravatar urls. . (ZNTA-2391): add all href

GNU LGPL java web-based localization translation

OCRmyPDF 7.0.0rc1 💾

OCRmyPDF adds an inisible text layer to PDF documents after passing it through the Tesseract OCR engine. The output will be PDF/A with a selectable but invisible text layer above scanned image-documents. This allows later searching and archiving.

minor feature: Use python-xmp-toolkit for xmp check . Optimize: use tempdir for cmdline invocation. . Suppress some spurious tesseract errors. . Optimize: error in Py3.5.

GNU GPLv3 pdf ocr scanning

ArangoDB 3.3.10 💾

ArangoDB is a multi-model, open-source database with flexible data models for documents, graphs, and key-values. Build high performance applications using a convenient SQL-like query language or JavaScript extensions. Use ACID transactions if you require them. The supported data models can be mixed in queries and allow ArangoDB to be the aggregation point for your data. Key Features in ArangoDB - Multi-Model: Documents, graphs and key-value pairs — model your data as you see fit for your application. - Joins: Conveniently join what belongs together for flexible ad-hoc querying, less data redundancy. - Transactions: Easy application development keeping your data consistent and safe. No hassle in your client.

minor bugfix: Make optimizer rule "remove-filter-covered-by-index" not stop after removing a sub-condition from a FILTER statement, but pass the optimized FILTER. Statement again into the optimizer rule for further optimizations. This allows optimizing away some more FILTER conditions than before. Allow accessing /_admin/status URL on followers too in active failover setup. Cluster COLLECT optimization for attributes that were in "sorted" variant of COLLECT and that were provided by a sorted index on the collected attribute. Apply fulltext index optimization rule for multiple fulltext searches in. The same query This https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50496274/two-fulltext-searches-on-arangodb-cluster-v8-is-involved. Validate `_from` and `_to` values of edges on updates consistently. : Unexpected AQL Result. : Frequent 'updated local foxx repository' messages. : Empty result if FULLTEXT() is used together with LIMIT offset. : a vulnerability within the web ui's index view. Inception was ignoring leader's configuration.

Apache database database-server c++ javascript java clojure php python scala ruby macos windows cross-plattform linux developers

ChaosEsque Anthology 117zzc 💾

ChaosEsque Anthology is a first person shooter. It is a standalone modification of Xonotic which includes extended weapons, maps, vehicles, buildable buildings, mounted weapons, spell casting, monsters, player characters, textures, and game modes.

major feature: Release 117zzc: New weapons, New capabilities, New Mutator options! (And New spells!) Do you pine for a P90-Chan? This release has it. Do you wish for more accurate brass falling. This release improves upon this. Do you wish for rain to have some game-play related effect? This release has your wish become true. --- New Weapons: P90 submachinegun. Five-seven pistol. 93R pistol (3 shot burst). New capabilities: rain puts out fires and impares archaic firearms (flintlock, matchlock, charbelcher). Two new spells can summon rain and snow! New mutator options: Add Weapons option has been improved: you can now mix and match sets of weapons and set how likely they are to appear vis a vis the others. (See Create Mutators). The hotchkiss1914 and the chauchat now expel proper 8mm lebel brass. The mauser pistols and the t33 pistol expel the correct necked-down brass. The P90 and 5.7 pistol expell the correct necked-down (even more-so) brass. Thus you can now more accuratly tell who fired what where by looking at the expelled casings! Enjoy! Enjoy! The Game has over 180 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/chaosesqueanthology/files/latest/download Volume2: http://sourceforge.net/projects/chaosesqueanthologyvolume2/files/latest/download

GNU GPL game first-person-shooter sandbox capture-the-flag deathmatch 3d first-person-shooter

online casino bonus pdufc 💾

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minor feature: casino real money mgm online casino online gambling https://casinorealmoney2018.us.org/ - casino online


Mozilla Firefox 60.0.2 💾

Firefox is a widely used web browser. It's based on Mozillas Gecko HTML rendering and IonMonkey JavaScript engine. It supports HTML5, XML, XHTML, SVG 1.1, MathML, XSLT, CSS3, Web fonts, APNG, SSL/TLS, sandboxed JavaScript 1.8.5 with many newer DOM and WHATWG extensions. It's highly extensible and themeable, provides tabbed browsing, security and privacy features, traditional and live/smart bookmarks.

minor feature: Missing nodes in the developer tools Inspector panel ( ), font rendering when using third-party font managers on OS X 10.11 and earlier ( ), Updated to NSS 3.36.4 from 3.36.1:, Reference link to 60.0.1 release notes

MPL c++ web-browser html5 javascript mozilla

QOwnNotes 18.06.1 💾

QOwnNotes is the open source (GPL) plain-text file notepad with markdown support and todo list manager for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, that (optionally) works together with the notes application of ownCloud.

minor feature: When the application gets restarted from the *Settings dialog a possible. `--clear-settings` parameter will now not be appended as parameter, so the. Settings will not get removed a second time after the restart Added a new scripting hook `handleNoteNameHook(note)` that is called when the. Note name is determined for a note (for. Take a look at the. HandleNoteNameHook documentation For more information The user interface will currently not be updated when the note text (that. Could result in a note name change with the new hook) is stored

GNU GPL desktop note-taking owncloud todo

Mesa 18.0.5 💾

Mesa 3D is a collection of graphics libraries and drivers that implement hardware-accelerated OpenGL 3. It comes with its own software emulation fallback driver though. Besides OpenGL and OpenGL ES, it implements OpenVG and EGL, but also allows for Direct3D interfaces.

minor feature: Mesa 18.0.5 is a release which found since the 18.0.4 release. Mesa 18.0.5 implements the OpenGL 4.5 API, but the version reported by GlGetString(GL_VERSION) or glGetIntegerv(GL_MAJOR_VERSION) / GlGetIntegerv(GL_MINOR_VERSION) depends on the particular driver being used. Some drivers don't support all the features required in OpenGL 4.5. OpenGL 4.5 is. only available if requested at context creation Because compatibility contexts are not supported. New features, None,, glUniform1ui and friends not supported by display lists, centroid interpolation causes broken attribute values, Gen6+ piglit's arb_shader_image_load_store-host-mem-barrier fails with a glGetTexSubImage fallback path, Compiling compute shader crashes RADV, The witness + dxvk suffers flickering garbage, No test for Image Load/Store on format-incompatible texture buffer, NDEnot defined for libamdgpu_addrlib, No test for Image Load/Store on texture buffer sized greater than MAX_TEXTURE_BUFFER_SIZE_ARB, vulkan SPIR-V parsing failed at../src/compiler/spirv/vtn_cfg.c:381, Dota2 is very dark when using vulkan render on a Intel lt; lt; AMD prime setup, SNB,IVB,HSW,BDW dEQP-EGL.functional.image.create.gles2_cubemap_negative_z_rgb_read_pixels, Changes, Anuj Phogat (1):, i965/glk: Add l3 banks count for 2x6 configuration, Bas Nieuwenhuizen (2):, amd/addrlib: Use defines in autotools build. radv: SRGB compute copies. Dave Airlie (1):, tgsi/scan: add hw atomic to the list of memory accessing files, Francisco Jerez (4):, Revert "mesa: simplify _mesa_is_image_unit_valid for buffers", i965: Move buffer texture size calculation into a common helper function. i965: Handle non-zero texture buffer offsets in buffer object range calculation. i965: Use intel_bufferobj_buffer() wrapper in image surface state setup. Jan Vesely (1):, eg/compute: Use reference counting to handle compute memory pool. Jason Ekstrand (2):, intel/eu: Set EXECUTE_1 when setting the rounding mode in cr0, intel/blorp: Support blits an

MITL x11 graphics 3d graphics-driver emulation opengl