ChaosEsque Anthology 117zzzzr

ChaosEsque Anthology is a first person shooter. It is a standalone modification of Xonotic which includes extended weapons, maps, vehicles, buildable buildings, mounted weapons, spell casting, monsters, player characters, textures, and game modes.

Tags game first-person-shooter sandbox capture-the-flag deathmatch 3d first-person-shooter
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

117zzzzr23 Sep 2019 19:53 minor feature: Release 117zzzzr: RMS did nothing wrong. This release adds additional parameters to the span_array function for use in grid-city (think Manhattan) style city generation. This release is dedicated to Jeffery Epstein and others who recently died: may you have what the Americans sought to deny you, in YHWH's heaven. Volume2 (disc2) has been updated with a new map, so be sure to download that aswell. Enjoy! The Game has 200 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117zzzzp20 Aug 2019 17:04 major bugfix: Release 117zzzzp: This release fixes bugs and adds important functions related to city buildings, additionally adds a new preset. Volume 2 (disc2) has been updated to Version 5L, with an additional map which is a small city on an island. This release is required for that map to work correctly This release is dedicated to Jeffery Epstein and others who recently died: may you have what the Americans sought to deny you, in YHWH's heaven. Volume2 (disc2) has been updated with a new map, so be sure to download that aswell. Enjoy! The Game has 200 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117zzzzo11 Aug 2019 08:25 major feature: This release is dedicated to Jeffery Epstein and others who recently died: may you have what the Americans sought to deny you, in YHWH's heaven. Release 117zzzzo: New extended magazines (including 9mm auto pistol Beta-C magazines), and other additions and fixes. Enjoy! The Game has 200 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117zzzzf25 Mar 2019 03:40 major feature: New Weapon: Streetsweeper shotgun,. Took 2 days to model. flamberge sword. Also new features: drive by shootings if you wish to enable (shooting from car etc interiors), extended mags for AK, lod models for city generator, etc. Enjoy! The Game has 200 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117zzzt09 Feb 2019 03:23 major feature: New Weapon! Ithaca Stakeout Shotgun. In the United States of America, before the turn of the century, the Ithaca Stakeout was an infamous implement of the most brutal tortures. Often the Ithaca would be used to slowly dismember opponents by affixing them to surgical tables and blowing off their appendages, starting with the fingers and the toes, until only a living corpse was left. Everyone in the surrounding city knew this was occurring, but they just simply did not care. See "Robocop" for an informative Documentary on the American use of the Ithaca Stakeout! Enjoy! The Game has 200 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117zzzs04 Feb 2019 00:34 minor feature: More furnishings added (desks, utilitool) Enjoy! The Game has 200 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117zzzr23 Jan 2019 00:02 minor bugfix: Hypergallery excessive startup loop mitigated. Mappers can now disable bot waypoints for teleporters. Enjoy! The Game has 200 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117zzzo16 Dec 2018 10:14 major feature: Settings to randomly distribute chests, large chests, and barrels in a level have been added. Such can be trapped aswell. Additional furnishing+monster settings have been added to make them trapped (trapped items have arrows/others fired from afar at the person tripping the trap, which is different from spells being cast from the item). Additional presets. Potions now sometimes heal misc injuries (but not all the time) based on their type. Large potions will restore full amount if normal amount is less than full. Enjoy! The Game has 200 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117zzzm12 Dec 2018 08:49 major feature: More spells, including MagmaSphere, More areas added to DarkHold (which is now at version 20), An additional buildable building. Spells and creatures can now be spawned from destroyed chests/furnishings/barrels/buildings/monsters. Chests/furnishings/etc can also cast a spell on search/put/take. Presets: easy one button press setup for various game modes and quest modes. Various other fixes and improvements. Enjoy! The Game has 200 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117zzzb24 Oct 2018 08:36 major feature: More spells, more weapons, more. Enjoy! The Game has 200 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117zzo23 Jul 2018 18:57 major feature: Release 117zzo: The 200 weapon mark has been reached. New weapons include the winchester 1897 shotgun, aswell as other old-west type weapons. Enjoy! The Game has 200 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117zzi10 Jul 2018 08:57 major feature: Release 117zzi: New weapons including two variants of the CZ Skorpion maschine-pistol (modeled by one of our resident 3d artists: MikeeUSA), additional thompson-submachine-gun variants (including the 100 round drum long barreled version (which has greater velocity), bullet holes decals in glass, glass spalling (which can harm those hit by the shards), color maps for various weapon pickups. Enjoy! The Game has over 180 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117zzc07 Jun 2018 11:47 major feature: Release 117zzc: New weapons, New capabilities, New Mutator options! (And New spells!) Do you pine for a P90-Chan? This release has it. Do you wish for more accurate brass falling. This release improves upon this. Do you wish for rain to have some game-play related effect? This release has your wish become true. --- New Weapons: P90 submachinegun. Five-seven pistol. 93R pistol (3 shot burst). New capabilities: rain puts out fires and impares archaic firearms (flintlock, matchlock, charbelcher). Two new spells can summon rain and snow! New mutator options: Add Weapons option has been improved: you can now mix and match sets of weapons and set how likely they are to appear vis a vis the others. (See Create Mutators). The hotchkiss1914 and the chauchat now expel proper 8mm lebel brass. The mauser pistols and the t33 pistol expel the correct necked-down brass. The P90 and 5.7 pistol expell the correct necked-down (even more-so) brass. Thus you can now more accuratly tell who fired what where by looking at the expelled casings! Enjoy! Enjoy! The Game has over 180 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117zw26 Apr 2018 10:10 minor feature: Release117zw: Tanegashima (Japanese matchlock) added. Game now has more extensive samurai weapon set thusly! Enjoy! The Game has over 180 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117zv16 Mar 2018 09:39 minor feature: Release117zv: Menufixes and texture work. The menu for the city-generator has been improved. (Create Mutators MiscItems), including clearer controls for the zoning feature. This release also adds additional bumpmaps to some textures that lacked them and improves the normalmaps of other textures that lacked a heightmap component in the alpha channel. Enjoy! The Game has over 180 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117zs10 Mar 2018 09:02 minor feature: Release117zs: Bugfixes and texture work. This release adds additional bumpmaps to some textures that lacked them and improves the normalmaps of other textures that lacked a heightmap component in the alpha channel. Thus wall textures on sideloop, dastower, tankconcourse, interspacestation, safferswar, aswell as on many of the sc_tile buildings (city generation) have been improved and look more 3d. Additionally work has been done on the textile (banner) textures in darkhold. A bug affecting the spawning of monsters on "skill 5" setting (bot skill) was fixed. (The same bitmask was used for 2 settings... this is now fixed). Enjoy the new texture 3dness! Enjoy! The Game has over 180 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117zr09 Feb 2018 12:59 minor feature: Release117zr: Our resident model maker, mapper, and programmer has crafted for us another new wea-pon! Crusader! Sword! Now you can hack and slash your way through the fiends that inhabit (say) DarkHold with the blessings of order! Download now! Enjoy! The Game has over 180 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117zq03 Feb 2018 05:27 major feature: Release117zq: 50 Spells. More weapons. Bugfixes and features. Enjoy! The Game has over 180 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117zl27 Dec 2017 01:13 major feature: Release117zl: More spells (we now have more spells than the original Diablo), More weapons. More fun to be had! Merry Christmas to those who have self-will or a desire to study! NOTHING to those golems who simply work for their controler: be it some boss or "muh white wuman" Volume2 has been updated to Version 5b with a new map: oil archipelago. Enjoy! The Game has over 150 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117zf08 Dec 2017 14:49 major feature: Release117zf: Updates for mappers: now there exists trigger_oilreactarea, trigger_methanereactarea, and trigger_chemreactarea: allowing a mapper to specify where oil fires, chem plasma bursts, or methane explosions will happen in the presence of flame etc (energy in the case of chem). Additionally item_money_coin_tin etc have been added to the ent list so mappers know they exist (gems, bullion bars, counterfiat coins too) Volume2 has been updated to Version 5b with a new map: oil archipelago. Enjoy! The Game has over 150 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117zd01 Dec 2017 18:08 major feature: Release117zd: Huge update! New melee and arrow damage system! Different weapons hitting different areas of the body follow different damage models. Arrows/axes/spears to the legs slow movement! New weapons! Updates for mappers: suggested oil/water/chem/etc flooding happens immediatly. New entities for mappers if they wish to supply their own tree/bush models: foliage_map_treemodel foliage_map_bushmodel New Weapons include: Bowie knife (wooo), Arkansas Toofpiq!(WWOOOOOOO!!!1111(Murricans go crazy ready to "deal" with all them daughta-starer-atter-preverts. Millstone! Better!111nn Causes u 2 sin cut oofff!111 wooo! Murrica!)) Military Flail, Infantry Staff, Kriegs Hamminar, Battle Axe Enjoy! The Game has over 150 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117y15 Nov 2017 21:13 major feature: Release 117y: America. Somewhere in the southwestern euuuunited-states-de-americano. You and your crew 'been doing jobs. You lost some men for an unrelated but 'murican reason. ... You are spoken to by the leader of your fellow coconspiritors: """Here's the deal, that cracka been killin' any brotha and even any white that looks at his pretty young daughtaz. He then exclaims 'better a millstone, woooooooooooo, we wytes don play that way!!!' ... Let's best to fixing and old testament remedy for his foo cracka ass to answer his new-testament delusion""" -- You are then handed a sawed-off double barrel 10 gauge shotgun and a copy of the Book of the Law. You know what it's for. -- Version 117y: New weapon: Sawed off double 10! Additionally; water, slime, and lava are now cover! They decelerate bullets. With water trails are made in the water aswell. Big news everyone! Jump in the water and get 10 ft deep and you're saved (usually) Enjoy! The Game has over 150 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117x12 Nov 2017 06:34 major bugfix: Release 117x: New wep-ons 8gauge sawed-off Shotgun. 10 Gauge Double-Barrel Shotgun for reenacting the south/mid-western father-son relationship (or better-a-millstone-ing any deee-gen-er-ates that like young girls such as yer daughautah!, an eye don't wanna hear nutthin bout no desert gaud, jeeesus came and washed that old stuff away, anyway thor (muh ancestor) weren't about none of that -- White Western Men don't play that way! We like er wuman big n chiaaald burin hips!!)! Get yer old western guns here' tuday! MURICA! Enjoy! The Game has over 150 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117224 Oct 2017 16:46 major bugfix: Release 117w: New wep-ons Colt Lightning Rifle Carbine, 8 gauge single shot shotgun. Additional weapon replacement options in mutators: WWI weapons, Old West Weapons. Enjoy! (The People from (Dutch, etc) hate this game! They feel that opensource assets are "stolen assets" and thus they disparage the whole of the libre software movement) Enjoy! The Game has over 150 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117v17 Oct 2017 16:06 major bugfix: Release 117v: 1877 "bulldog" Gatling Gun. 1850 Sharps "buffalo" Rifle Enjoy! Enjoy! The Game has over 150 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117t12 Oct 2017 10:38 major bugfix: ChaosEsqueAnthology opens up to colonial times and the wild wild west! Now the 1600s and 1800s are represented in the game! New weapons include the flintlock pistol, musket, the 1851 navy revolver, the Pepperbox revolver, the Colt 44 peacemaker. Additionally our resident 3d weapons modeler (and map maker) MikeeUSA has modeled an 1860 Henry Repeating Lever-Action Rifle for the project; that too is in the game. Additionally bugs have been fixed including one where one could not unjam if a jam occured on on the last bullet in a magazine (however some weapons have different ways to clear this more searious "malfunction"; such as switching away from the weapon, while others will clear the malfunction easier) Come enjoy the new features! And pit your lever action rifle team against a modern army! See if the fudd gun prevails and you don't "need no au-te-matic-toys-to-defend-muh-self, muricca". Remeber: all your rights have been stripped from you: from good guns for shootin' to good girls (actual girls, look up the old laws) for marryin' (but you're ok with all of this and want to use your (1860 pattern) shootin' iron on any man that might want a girl! (murrica!, real man wants real (sassy) woman! murrica!)) so what can be said except for.... MURRICA!!! WOOOOOO (shoots 1860 Henry Repeating Rifle in the air many times). Download now to experiance the 'murican way! 168 wea-pon! Plans are in the works for next version to perhaps include a "hover round" type vehicle. Perhaps with shootin' irons attached. Shout out to Harvy Weinstein for doing the reasonable thing and fleeing america for a better society: keep strong - you did nothing wrong. (Additionally an M16A2 Enjoy! The Game has over 150 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117r01 Oct 2017 07:33 major bugfix: version 117r - More Weapons!!!1111 Bri'ish L85 bullpup non-reliable assault shovelclub!!!! Overheating G36C!!!! Overpenetrating FN-SCAR-H!!!!!!111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 GET! Enjoy! The Game has over 150 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117p20 Sep 2017 18:54 major bugfix: version 117p - More Weapons and less wait Edition A major bugfix has occurred: The seldom used "give you an item on triggering" map function precached' ALL weapons rather than just the specified ones to give. Now this was fine perhaps when there were just 18 weapons, however now there are over 150: to many, in fact, for the precache string to handle all at once (in the engine). Thus if you precache ALL the weapons... you get a sz size overflow and cannot connect to the server. There are just too many models.... Also takes forever.... thus the bug was discovered. It is now fixed. We precache only the weapons that might be given. --- Additionally 2 weapons have been ported over bringing the weapons total up by 2 amount! Also Volume2 has been updated to Version 5 adding 3 opensource maps including "Clockwork" by Melanosuchus... which has many gears and now loads just fine! Enjoy! The Game has over 150 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117o18 Sep 2017 20:30 major feature: version 117o - Series of tubes edition Many bug fixes have occurred for this release including bugfixes to the flame thrower. The pipes mutator has been expanded to have additional options: Ice, Water, Poison Gas, Laser. These additions can also be added to map objects. Also the misc_fire_crossbow.. now has 2 additions: ice jet and poison jet. An AUTOMATIC setting has been added to the pipes mutator which sences what type of pipes exist in a map via map clues. Enjoy! The Game has over 150 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117m13 Sep 2017 03:55 major feature: version 117m - FlameThrower-and-pipes edition This new version includes a Flamethrower! Much work was done to ensure proper operation including a binary-tree-search so the flame ends where water or slime begins! Additionally much work has been accomplished to allow a mapper to set what objects/pipes/etc will emit a steam and/or a flame jet when struck by a bullet (see func_wall in netradiant for more information), (somewhat similar to the ICBM level in Call of Duty 5 (COD5) Modern Warfare.) Additionally a mutator can be enabled in the enviroment section of the mutator menu (create mutators) where all pipes will emit steam and/or jets of fire (you can also disable this totally even on maps that have it set in map objects). Thus any texture with the name "pipe" within it can erupt flames and steam. Another addition is that misc_fire_crossbowbolt has an added projectile to fire: number 20: flamethrower jet. This is useful for mappers who want to add more traps! Much debugging and annoying error messages were worked out for this release aswell! Combine the flamethrower with the methane lake mutator for extra fun! Enjoy! The Game has over 150 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117k07 Sep 2017 19:28 major feature: version 117k - Tec9 edition Our resident weapon modeler has modeled a Tec-9 for us. Thus our game now has additional weapons: Tec-9 SMG, Pounder SMG (.50 AE variant with extended magazine). The weapon makes short work of enemies, and being open bolt: does not overheat. However it's reliability is not the stuff of legends. Good for hosing down the opposition. Enjoy! The Game has over 150 weapons. Everything is Free and Opensource. Get it now! (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117j28 Aug 2017 00:33 major feature: R 117j - Subterfuge and Lies Edition. 150 weapon milestone has been reached! New weapons: Defender Sword, Bearded Axe, Spiked Cudgel, Bronze Cudgel Bug fixes regarding server-admin ability to disable default weapon during teamgames. Improvements to stats of spectre submachinegun to real-world weapon projectile velocity. (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117i19 Aug 2017 01:58 major feature: R 117i New weapons: Arming sword, Spectre Sub-Machinegun (Note: Game spans 2 DVDs, Download both!) Download: Volume2:
117H13 Aug 2017 14:24 major feature: R 117H - Malum-in-se Edition. *** This update features new weapons, and new Romanesque areas for DarkHold and the building system. *** Two new weapons: A brutal new spiked mace that is quick to swing (being hollow and light) Sai: these can interdict weapons far above their own weight class (similar to the special ability of the quarterstaff and elven staff) *** New building: Romanesque Belltower - A tall belltower in the old pre-13th century style. Map update: The Darkhold Duengon got more complex: A romanesque area modeled after an 11th century church has been added to the crypts below. *** (Thought Theme for this release:) _"Fight to the end"_ _"Conquer the enemy"_ "Far as the eye can see" "I see my victory" "I'm not afraid" "Never afraid" _"Never give up the fight"_ ...... _"I'm a solider in a battle"_ _"Never ending, Never ending war"_ -Yngwie J. Malmsteen *** NOTE: This game now has over 150 weapons and has expanded to 2 DVDs (Download both!) "How can less be more, more is more" *** "Out of the darkness the voices are calling..." Download: Volume2:
117g22 May 2017 20:57 minor feature: Release 117g: New Building: condos. Enjoy! Download: Volume2:
117f20 Apr 2017 00:01 minor feature: Release 117f: New magic circle spell: Vampyric Conduit: damage done within the circle is added to the lifeforce of the attacker (be careful not to attack undead within the circle (unless you are undead) tho!) Enjoy! Download: Volume2:
117e08 Apr 2017 22:11 major feature: Release 117e: A new spell has been added: Grace. A magic circle spell somewhat inspired in-part by Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Be like the sweet pink haired girl Madoka Kaname and save your friends from the hardships of life: for those within the circle a healing aura heals wounds (but harms undead: purifying the area), for any damage fired into the circle from outside no damage or even health is dealt to those inside the circle (however damage originating from players inside the circle to those inside is unchanged). No gibbage occurs inside the circle and reduced blood. Cherry Blossom like particles fill the air. Additionally respawned players souls float up within the circle as ghosts giving a calming effect. Additionally, White/Holy spells (Holybolt, Holyword, Grace) are increased in spell level when cast outdoors directly under the sky: Holybolt by 4 levels (1 level if a scroll), HolyWord by 3 levels (1 level if a scroll), and Grace 2 levels (1 level if a scroll) giving one added ease at purifying atleast the above ground world!. Enjoy! Download: Volume2:
117d04 Apr 2017 16:20 major feature: Release 117d: This update adds a new spell: Timesink. Now you can have some of the power of Homura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica! (Though not the ability to travel backwards in time). You can slow down time, and at higher levels of the spell you can run as fast as normal while everyone is slowed, also at higher levels you can set how slow you want time to go (by pressing E F and or Crouch for different levels of slowdown, these can be combined, while you cast the spell (C)), and end the spell by re-casting it! Enjoy! Download: Volume2:
117c02 Apr 2017 12:25 minor feature: Release 117c: A small code update which gives mappers the ability to set inventory in a furnishing. This includes non-containers aswell: in those cases the furnishing must be destroyed before the inventory can be acquired (think: barrels). Though a minor update, this update is useful to mappers. Download: Volume2:
117b01 Apr 2017 13:41 minor feature: Release 117b: A minor update adding entities for mappers that allow them to easily place furniture from the buildable buildings system in their maps. Vector arrow points to the back of the furnishing (to the wall or whatever it will be up against, if anything) Examples: furniture_classic_CHAIR_WOOD furniture_classic_GREEKPILLAR furniture_future_DESK furniture_future_STOVE4 Also there is now a building_buildable_by_count Special general function that allows a mapper to build a buildable building (multitool / utilitool) by it's number (NOTE: If a specific function exists use that instead) (the buildings are designed for the angles 0, 90, 180, 270, furnishings for any Z angle) Download: Volume2:
11723 Mar 2017 18:14 minor feature: Release 117: A minor release with bugfixes, shader work, and texture fixes, aswell as some extentions for map functions by Mario. This release is mostly aimed at mappers. Some longstanding errors were corrected aswell such as the (incorrectly) blackandwhite glowmaps for computer terminals and network equipment in the Philip1X texture series. Volume 2, however, hosts a number of new libre/opensource textures in the newest version including 100 rock/marble textures aswell as a number of futuristic sci-fi textures. This new version expands the palette available to the mapper. Enjoy! Download: Volume2:
11617 Mar 2017 09:47 major feature: Release 116 brings some features of interest to mappers! Mario's controlable elevator code was ported over (Thanks Mario for the great feature), aswell as advanced movement options, Thus now a mapper is not confined to 1:linear, 2:cosine, as the platmovement types, He now has the option of defining a curve aswell! (Server admins / hosts can also override defaults via cvars now, so even if there is an old map, the new movement can be used) Additionally the advanced movement feature for platforms was adapted for func_door_rotating and func_rotating. For func_rotating, additionally, period and periodtype key-values were added so one may define how long the movement curve is and whether one wants a smooth(2) reset or an abrupt(1) reset, smooth(2) is default if nothing is defined by the mapper. Traditionally platmovetype styles of 1 and 2 (and default) are respected, only if a 2 number string is entered as platmovetype is the new movement used. The .ent files for netradiant have been updated in the mapping pk3 aswell as in netradiant's directory. Thanks Mario for the elevator and help with an infinite loop in the plat code! Volume 2 has a slight update for mappers: the .tga pk3s for the standard textures are now included in volume 2: netradiant doesn't load .dds textures so these are needed to see what one is mapping. If anyone would like to contribute new free-opensource maps for volume2, we're looking for more worlds! The new variables are: g_platmovetype_legacyoverride_enable 0 "1: override legacy movements with a modern curve, 2 force this for all" g_platmovetype_legacyoverride "0 0" "a two number string (eg: 0 3 ) defining the movement: known good cases: (0, 0..3 ) (0.5, 0..3.8 ) (1, 0..4 ) (1.5, 0..3.9 ) (2, 0..3.7 ) (2.5, 0..3.4 ) (3, 0..3 ) (3.5, 0.2..2.3 ) ( Download: Volume2:
11312 Mar 2017 03:56 major feature: Release 113: Enjoy the water with a new vehicle: Speed Boat! Have fun in the sun in tank-concourse while your friends frolic in the sands and on the loops. Aditionally extensive improvements and bugfixes. Download: Volume2:
11205 Mar 2017 23:21 major feature: Release 112: Two new weapons since last announcement: Dragunov SVD, and a bat. A new vehicle: submersible. Extensive bugfixes and improvements. Players who venture into lava now will ignite: making the hazard that much more deadly (and realistic) And now there is a Volume 2 of the game as we have expanded past the capacity of one DVD. Volume 2 includes a new terrain map: Grand Chessboard (8 miles across), aswell as the maps EstateEsque and TankConcourse (amongst others) Additionally there has been improvements to the foliage system and vehicles system. Download: Volume2:
10829 Jan 2017 11:01 major feature: release 108: a feature-rich update with four new weapons, two new monsters, and improvements to the new mounted weapon (laser cannon).
10616 Jan 2017 21:14 major feature: Version 106: New Mounted gun: Laser Cannon. With pulse and color varieties of different increasing power levels (red, green, cyan, magenta). New Utilitool point defense buildable: laser cannon. Smoke grenades now also spawn a server-side smoke cloud so one cannot cheat by reducing cl_particles quality. (this can be disabled and changed server side with the g_nades_smokenade... cvars) Vehicle improvements to the spacecraft. More documentation for the info tab. Bugfixes etc.
10511 Jan 2017 18:45 major feature: Version 105: New vehicles imported and added (spacecraft) with lasers and pulse lasers as armaments, New entitities for mappers to put down buildings in their maps (building_sctiles, etc), many entities added to netradiants entities.ent file (vehicles, food, drink, nades, etc). Bugfixes, cleanup.
10431 Dec 2016 05:04 minor feature: Release 104 extends the work done in previous versions and allows reverse-limits to be set for ambient temperature: that is: one may set that everything outside the limit is at the ambinent temp while within all is fine. Additionally a gameplay fix has been added for global ambient sounds: thus the map bleach is not corrected as it was in the Nexuiz epoch. Nordic castle, ICBM, etc now have proper ambient temp, and limits set. Evadproject and Hypergallery have proper cdtrack set.
10323 Dec 2016 17:56 major feature: Release 103 brings some new additions and bugfixes right in time for Chistmas: New weapons: Three new LightSabres - Red, Green, Blue, each with own handle style and different stats. New monster: Ninja Assassin. Buildables: recruitment posts placed in shrines will recruit Ninja Assassins (about 15 grain needed for each, 1 housing). Improvements to ambient temp system, Improvements to freeze/paralyse. Bug fixes. Addition of manual-ctf-flag capping option (must manually bring flag back to base if enabled). New music for ArenaAutomatica (AKA: AutoPlayArena ) Settings Input documentation added to.
10219 Dec 2016 13:17 major feature: Release 102: This release improves the ambient temperature code by allowing one to stand near point-particle flames to gain heat. They are in many maps so this integrates well with the existing game. Additionally one can now place limits on the ambient temperature so that it only operates in a specific area. The map KSTBunkerCTF64 showcases this feature. Some gameplayfix options have been added: one to set an upperlimit on func_door mover speed. These are sometimes used as elevators and the one in KSTBunker was too fast. You can also set teleporters to silent (shown in hypergallery11) Some fixes were added. An Info tab has been added next to Settings Input which shows documentation about additions Chaos-Esque has added and how to use them.
10118 Dec 2016 14:53 major feature: Release 101. This release adds ambient temperature to the game. Mappers can set it in their map.mapinfo file using the set_temp_for_type all g_suggested_ambient_temperature -20 (for instance). Players can change it in the create mutators enviromental mutators section. If g_ambient_temperature is 0 it is disabled. If the temp is too cold players lose body heat, if it is freezing they eventually freeze. By standing in or near a building, a fire, or being in a vehicle one can warm one'self up. If the temperature is set at 300 or more degrees (C) trees, shrubs, and wooden buildings reach autoignition and burn. There are also some bugfixes submitted by Mario so as to reduce console spam via the EvaluateHitMaterial subroutines. Mario contributed some code to test if the cvar exists first, thus not accessing a not-yet existant Cvar and have the engine complain. Thanks Mario!
10011 Dec 2016 09:05 major feature: Release 100! For this release a new additional map was constructed; Saffer's War; A trench warfare map with a greek / marble-zone theme, and enough room to build and fly aeroplanes in (includes floating islands aswell). An opensource track by Snabisch is used for the musical backing to give an 8-bit flair to the map. Additional weapons also come in the pot: MG 08/15 for your WWI simulating needs and a portable Lewis Gun (though the mounted guns will get you much better accuracy (nixes muzzle rise). There are more building options aswell: barbed wire for the multitool when not in medeval mode, concerta wire for the utilitool, and small platforms for use in raising your mounted guns to the desired height (8 and 24 qunit increments). Additionally bugfixes to the building code for resource generation in teamgame mode. Enjoy Release 100!
9903 Dec 2016 05:14 major feature: Release 99: New weapons: ChauChat, Sho-Sho (30-06 version), BAR-1918, Nagant M1895. New buildables: Large Chest (wooden). This release adds 4 new world war I weapons to the game: The french ChauChat, The 30-06 version fielded by the American army nicknamed the Sho-Sho (which was horribly unreliable), the 1918 version of the Browning Automatic Rifle, and the Russian Officer's pistol: The 1895 double action model of the Nagant revolver. The ChauChat and Sho-Sho can jam hard after enough bullets are fired through them and the aluminium (al-uuuu-min-eye-um) heat jacket expands inside. This is coded into the game code, so be careful. Additionally to that short over heatings and jammings can occur aswell, especially with the 30-06 version. Enjoy! (BTW... the Team here enjoyed the election results, did you?)
9808 Nov 2016 12:17 major feature: US election day surprise: New weaps: Hellrigel WW1 SMG. Webley revolver. Webley dragoon. Enjoy!
9702 Nov 2016 15:56 major feature: New weapons: springfield rifle, mosin nagant, broomhandle mauser pistol, mauser machinepistol. New feature: closed bolt automatic small arms will now over heat, like the mounted guns do. (Open bolt and watercooled weapons do not overheat) Enjoy! "There is scarcely a town or school in Russia from which boys have not run away to the war. Hundreds of girls have gone off in boys' clothes and tried to pass themselves off as boys and enlist as volunteers, and several have got through, since the medical examination is only a negligible formality required in one place, forgotten in another. " -- Stephen Graham, in "Russia and the World", 1915 QT3.14's for the lines?
9514 Oct 2016 13:22 major feature: "Whatever happens, we have got, the Maxim gun, and they have not" New Vehicles: Fokker Eindecker III Monoplane, A7V Sturmpanzerwagen WWI German Tank. New Mounted Gun: Hotchkiss M1914 machinegun. (Used in WW1) Fixes: To WWI aeroplanes for reload from ammo stores. Extra code to bring the new buildings into the city generation code. Misc additions and fixes aswell. Cut down the savages with these WWI era weapons! Round after round ripping through their bodies!
9405 Oct 2016 02:52 major feature: October suprise Be Arnold Schwarzenegger circa 1984 with the weapon types he used to sytematically eliminate possible threats to his kind: New Weapons: AMR-18 Rifle with extended 43 round magazine and stock removed. Spas-12 Twelve Gauge Autoloader 1911 Longslide with laser sighting (second fire button) Also: Styer TMP Crylancer (Automated enegy rifle, secondary for long ranged attacks) New Buildable: (for utilitool): Observation Tower (raised tower with 2 stories up top with defensive firing positions) Fixes: F3 and respawn are now same amount of time (thus one does not avoid the respawn delay by going to spec and then rejoining) Proper sound for some weapons. Misc other fixes.
9308 Aug 2016 02:56 major feature: Many improvements since version 90 including new weapons (M9 pistol. Styer Aug assault rifle) and mechanics improvements. For v93 Sound variety in bullet based weapons increased, amongst other things.
9026 Jun 2016 20:11 major feature: v90 has been released: 4 new weapons. Building improvements. Misc fixes and improvements. New weapons: Crypistol (energy pistol) SportShotgun (5 shot semi-automatic shotgun) SpikedFlail (3 small spikeball chain flail) ShootingStar (1 large spikeball on chain flail) Flails have a 2/3rds chance of deflecting through even when blocked: if so they do 1/3rd damage. If too close to person flail will do 1/2 damage (above applies aswell so can be 1/6th) Flails also have longer windup time than other melee weapons. Thus they have some things to master in them, but if someone is blocking every swing of your sword with their quaterstaff or their sword, you now have an option to get around them. Pumpshotgun and SportShotgun now have changeable chokes (F+R keys). Pumpshotgun: tight, open, duckbill. SportShotgun: tight, open, restrictive. You can now allow the building of "claimstones", which act like garrisons but only for furniature and blocks and do not lockdown land. You can also set built beds to create a spawn point. (These options are in the startweapons menu with the rest of the buildable options) Thus you can allow people to build appartments without having to build a town to start, if you wish. Various other changes. If you are updating from version 89, these are the packages you want to update: 428M Jun 26 06:25 zzzzzz999999_xmod-chaos-esque-xonotic-full_source_and_exec_binaries.pk3 56M Jun 17 00:42 z9_buildable_buildings.pk3 149M May 19 14:09 zz99-xmod-chaos-esque-xonotic-map_resources.pk3 (they go in the Xonoticbla/data/ directory as always) The .ASC signature is up too, you know where. There are now 112 weapons in total in the game. (including 48 medieval weapons :) ) Enjoy.
8921 May 2016 13:58 major feature: More foliage, building system improvements.
8817 May 2016 02:13 major feature: Additional tree types for foliage system. If a tree is over a certain diameter tanks will have trouble knocking it down depending on class.
8706 May 2016 08:37 major feature: Important bug fixes. Added gates for medeval building tool (iron and wooden). New terrain map. Ownership protection for player built bases. More work on the buildable buildings system, features etc. More.
8426 Apr 2016 07:41 major feature: New buildables for utilitool, new spawn prefs options, misc features and improvements, important bug fixes.
8322 Apr 2016 21:06 major feature: More. More weaps, More buildables (moving gates, canopy shield), Built energy generators can be set to local only (pressF) More city gen improvements, Bug fixes, Medeval/Magic Style turrets for medeval turret towers (when set to ancient only for multitool built buildings (default)) (IE: Fire arrows rather than bullets, fireballs rather than missiles, etc), etc. More.
8108 Apr 2016 20:13 major feature: Extensive City Generation Improvements, Spawn Preferences Feature, Spawn permissions for buildings you build, Misc Improvements.
7901 Apr 2016 17:32 major feature: 106 Weapons. City generator improvements (new highrise etc). Buildable building improvements. Misc bugfixes and improvements. DL now!
7614 Dec 2015 12:45 major feature: Release 76: SiegeMortar (New Mounted Gun), New Buildables: Dome Roof (many colors) (Multitool) New Furnishings: Chairs, Tables, Forge, Columns (many colors) (multitool) New CastleColor: PinkStoneBrick (for Tsarist Moscvy Style) Misc Improvements. This release focuses on the buildable system, but also adds a new mounted gun for your use: the siege cannon. These will also spawn in siege workshops if the multitool is Not set to medeval only. It is similar in range to the Charbelcher fire mortar but fires an explosive shell. md5sum 4bd667a782aa1ad0697386e2d449a47e XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL76.iso shasum 4bd667a782aa1ad0697386e2d449a47e XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL76.iso sha256sum dec777421a65a6a1774dfe2560dd892f6f003397080b11fc895a7bd530257759 XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL76.iso ISO Download: ----- If you have release 75 and just want to upgrade by updating files in your XonoticChaosEsqueAnthology/data/ directory you need 2 packages: zzzzzz999999_xmod-chaos-esque-xonotic-full_source_and_exec_binaries.pk3 z9_buildable_buildings.pk3 ----- ISO Download:
7527 Nov 2015 10:38 minor feature: Release 75: This release adds items to build in the buildable building system: (Auto-centered) Arrow loops, windows, bricked up areas, for multitool, sheetmetal, gunloops, etc for utilitool that are auto-centered like doors are. This allows you to fortify unused hallways or doorways in your castle or bases. More medeval(sp) furnishings. ISO Download: md5sum: f2116d13085772f0e165c1ce73eaa57d XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL75.iso shasum: 58d50f517b12950a4774eec787f23ad8b78b8bd5 XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL75.iso sha256sum: 945acc45757ee208e56af6e19e1511bf85bf086f7d274bd268bd1fbd3cfeffd4 XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL75.iso R75 ISO Signing files: XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL75.iso.asc public_key.asc ----- If you have release 74 and just want to upgrade by updating files in your XonoticChaosEsqueAnthology/data/ directory you need 2 packages: zzzzzz999999_xmod-chaos-esque-xonotic-full_source_and_exec_binaries.pk3 z9_buildable_buildings.pk3 ----- ISO Download:
7420 Nov 2015 19:07 major feature: 90 Weapons Achieved. New Weapons: ChainSaw, ClawHammer. Do you think it's over, better think again; there will be no compromise. Also work done on monsters mutator: map can set (default) height limits (min/max) for spawning areas for monsters. Updated pk3s: zzz..9999..etc.pk3 darkhold18.pk3. Release: 74 Size: 4672884736 XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL74.iso md5sum: 9ce30f2aa1fb7c350d2f68fdbb6927a4 XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL74.iso shasum: fb75da5378bf72d78b022c67545023903adf1eac XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL74.iso
7318 Nov 2015 04:46 major feature: Release 73: This update has an important map update, and improves the friend system for buildable buildings. May it be sufficently Metal. Map Update: Darkhold18. Deeper. Minatour maze below, then the pinaccle, and then caves, darkness. Friend system has been fleshed out. You can have friends, tolerated, hated. exfriends, exhated. You can set tolerateall toleratenone, hateall, loveall, etc, for defaults for your kingdom. g_allow_friends (0, 1, 2, 3): or go to create advanced for the button Md5Sum: c6c831f2ae05a958960bbaf4eb623906 XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL73.iso Size: 4671774720 Nov 17 18:57 XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL73.iso
7214 Nov 2015 02:23 major feature: Release 72: New weapon: SKS Rifle. New Features: Friend system: if the server admin allows it (g_allow_friends, or click the button in "advanced" menu under create match) you may set other players as a friend when executing the "friend" command while looking at other player (within range). Friends may (in non-team games) enter your doors, and your turrets you build and your soliders you recruit will not attack the friend. In team games only team mates are allowed to be friended. It is mainly a feature for non team games. New feature2: Map Torches etc are given dynamic light when the skycycles mutator is enabled (as are starburst entities) (can be disabled g_skycycles_nodynamiclight). Quake1 map entity of trap_shooter etc now supported so quake 1 maps will be more complete if played (for quake3 compiled maps use misc_fire_crossbowbolt (0-19 different emissions) as it has more options (see spikerailpath map for example). Various other bugfixes aswell.
7109 Nov 2015 23:49 major feature: Release 71 This release has a heavy focus on the building system (multitool), allowing the player many more options in building castles. From desert style castles to french style white walls, it is now supportd. New weapons: SpikedClub New buildables: various colors for your castles etc. Maps can set default castle(and other building) color/style ISO Download: size: 4664381440 XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL71.iso md5sum: 4af54e14c869ebaf7d649a3197609c34 XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL71.iso ---- If you want to upgrade by updating things in /data/ from version 70 rather than downloading the ISO you need to update 7 packages (including a texture pack added): zzzzzz999999_xmod-chaos-esque-xonotic-full_source_and_exec_binaries.pk3 z9_buildable_buildings.pk3 zz99_filth.pk3 tundramagi11.pk3 desertcastles8.pk3 frankishtowerctf17.pk3 expanse2.pk3 ---- Enjoy
7006 Nov 2015 15:05 major feature: This release adds new weapons, new things to build, and improves the RTS elements of the game. Release 70 New weapons: GreyIron Mallet, Iron Knife, Dagger New Buildables: Trap floor, trap grate (for your castles) Oil prospecting. Solar panels check if they are not blocked (by map, shields, celings etc) before producing energy, also check time of day if skycycles mutator is enabled. Items such as potions, coins, gems, scrolls, spellbooks, food, now have their own respawn times. Misc bugfixes (fixed furnishings changing color at capture when not set to player/team color) ISO Download: md5sum: bcdcdede61dd0651a80724f28055a289 XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL70.iso size: 4674969600 XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL70.iso ---- If you want to upgrade by updating things in /data/ from version 69 rather than downloading the ISO you need to update 2 packages: zzzzzz999999_xmod-chaos-esque-xonotic-full_source_and_exec_binaries.pk3 z9_buildable_buildings.pk3 (If you're at an earlier version, there are more packages you'll need to update (see earlier posts), or just get the ISO) ---- Enjoy
6930 Oct 2015 20:18 major feature: Release 69. This is a heavy code update and map update release. FrankishTowers, OpposingCastles, DesertCastles now have working jails / chambers of torment (to be used with the shackles). (In addition to Darkhold and KrillDonjon which had them working for a long time) (These other maps were built before the prison/etc system was coded in) Multi-tool/Utilitool additions: -Built housing now adds to your housing worldinventory -Knights, Royal Guards, and Soliders can be recruited (trained) via -building a recruitment post (flag) near an appropriate building -(barracks, stronghold, small castle, glass base, security building) -You need to have enough housing and food (grains, greens, etc) -F to enable/disable recruitment post Mutators: Options to set turrets to not respawn, or only player built turrets to respawn. Options to allow the rebuilding of turrets (Press R on multitool or utilitool). Bugfixes. ISO Download: size: 4673075200 XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL69.iso md5sum: 255f94a94f1bd99cfa53e256b1c11380 XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL69.iso Iso is somewhat recommended for this release as it's about 5 packages changed (easier if you have the bandwith). If you want to upgrade by updating things in /data/ zzzzzz999999_xmod-chaos-esque-xonotic-full_source_and_exec_binaries.pk3 z9_buildable_buildings.pk3 zz99-xmod-chaos-esque-xonotic-map_resources.pk3 (remove old frankishtower, opposingcastles, and desertcastles) frankishtowerctf17.pk3 opposingcastles19.pk3 desertcastles8.pk3 So to recap: Various medieval maps now have functioning jails, you can train monsters like in a real time stratagey game using the buildings you build via the utilitool and multitool, and some more mutator options have been added. This was alot of coding for these features, especiall
6825 Oct 2015 14:02 major feature: This is a pretty big release code wise, it adds the ability to make the gameplay more "diablo like" or "quest like" The new Item options are in the mutators button/menu and all next to eachother near Pinata so you can quickly set the options if you want to play a quest, the maxlives option is in the same column (Multiplayer Create Mutators, first column) Players that die but have expended their maxlives (if set) and disconnect and then reconnect still will be at maxlives and won't beable to respawn (uses the code for stonecurse, permblind, etc in qcsrc/server/cl_client.qc) (only negatives are recorded there, if you leave the game you lose your positives (inventory etc)) This allows you to set up a game where one is not cavalier. New Weapon: Yumi (Japanese Assymetric bow) New Spells: CastFromLife, MagicBullets New Options: max lives, permanent items (don't dissapear when dropped, don't respawn) with ability to set exceptions for powerups, health, ammo, etc option to only start with starting items once, monster drop weapons (medeval, future, modern seperate variables) option to ignore bots for maxlives and no-start-items-after-once. New Gameplay mechanics: explosions can leave you hobbled and/or mangled. (and cvar to disable this, ofcourse, if you wish) Ability to permanently hobble/mangle chained prisoners (just like blind, etc) Bugfixes. Enjoy Release 68: Download: Size: 4670765056 XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL68.iso md5sum: bdda7ac5c878b4e3a9e10e0b8caf8229 XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL68.iso Project page: We now have 30 spells, 23 monsters, 40 vehicles, 16 mounted guns, and 81 weapons. (Plus somewhere over 100 maps. (104 DeathMatch maps in the list ) ISO, zzzzzz999999 update pk3, and git all updated. If you allready have a recent ISO and just want to update the code etc, place the zzzzzz99999999bla.pk3 in you XonoticChaosEsqueAnt
6713 Oct 2015 09:40 major feature: Release 67: New Weapon: PoleAxe New Spells: Cancellation, ManaShield, HolyWord, StoneRain Max Inventory Limit (Default 500), Per-Weapon Inventory Size (bigger weapons take up more space) F+Backspace you will drop some ammo of the weapon you are using (thus can free up space) ISO Size: 4668416000 XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL67.iso ISO md5sum XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL67.iso 17f6829896e14546963fe829968f219c XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL67.iso We now have 28 spells, 23 monsters, 40 vehicles, 16 mounted guns, and 80 weapons. (Plus somewhere over 100 maps. (104 DeathMatch maps in the list ) ISO, zzzzzz999999 update pk3, and git all updated.
6601 Oct 2015 23:08 major feature: Release 66: New Weapon: Shiningstar mace (all metal spiked mace, lighter but longer spikes) New Creature: Seraph (Angel). Hates undead and demons, will seek the out and kill them New Capabilities: Ability to set foliage, creatures, buildings to one side of the map (base) in team games that have bases. +Various bugfixes etc. Size and md5sum output: (I don't think any is cut off, if a digit is it's cut off at the beginning (c25) etc) 4667584512 Oct 1 06:43 XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL66.iso c25aa26b4a2bf9fcbb8a61cf792c42ea XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL66.iso
6509 Sep 2015 21:21 major feature: New monster added: BileDemon, Dragons (earth, sky, water, fire)
6428 Aug 2015 10:58 minor feature: New monster added: Imp. Quest Spawns added (all players start at same area in map, can be set by mapinfo cvar, or just randomly picked).
6325 Aug 2015 09:34 major feature: More spells. Per-team start spells. Bots know how to use spells. Menu options. Better model for knight. Weapon replace with scrolls and medeval weapons mutator. Monster fixes. Get this.
6218 Aug 2015 18:11 major feature: Monster improvements (better models and code (shambler, shalrath, zombie, ogre, etc). 2 weapons added: RA4 lock on surface to air missile, stone axe. Better shaders for potions. Option for zombies to behave quake-like.
6112 Aug 2015 12:50 major feature: City Generation, Work on monsters (new model for fiend, hellknight), Better Quake1 Map compatibility.
6008 Jul 2015 04:11 major feature: Version 60: This version adds a good amount to the game, including a new armored truck to move alongside your tanks, a missle attack raptor variant to destroy enemy tanks, tankresists to make tanks more tank like, covered garage to protect your tanks when in storage if you are building, and a small jail to build to perm imprison players who try to destroy your city that you have built. The menus have been updated to include the new options of spawning these new vehicles. The misc-items mutator can spawn the new buildings if you wish your map to be populated randomly by a city at start. New Vehicles: LightAPC (Armored Personell Carrier) with 2 turrets, for transporting team mates. M-Raptor: Missle Attack Raptor flying vehicle. New Builables: Small Jail, APCPad, Covered Garage, (furniature:) Bookshelf, Emptyshelf Various fixes and improvements (such as: imprisoned players, if respawning imprisoned will not spawn with grenades, ammo, armor, etc. Only health, mana, etc. Spiderbot now can reload rockets from your stores, etc). Tank Resists: tanks no resist most small arms fire and incidental damage up to 90 above and beyond the normal vehicle resists and any specific resists. Explosives and nukes do full damage. High caliber weapons also do high damage. Low calibers do almost no damage to tanks, no do other damages such as energy, etc. (The following only applies to developers and modders:) Note: Build with GMQCC if you are compiling. (Only really use FTEQCC for the menu qc, and to check code once in awhile). If you are using FTEQCC you'll need to increase some of it's maxes (otherwise you'll get a "Too many types" error no, since the code has out grown it: MAX_FUNCTIONS, maxtypeinfos in fteqcc/qccmain.c . You can double them from 16384 to 32768 and the code will compile fine. Also read COMPILINGPITFALLS.TXT in zzzzzzzz99999bla.pk3/qcsrc/ Full Download:
5817 May 2015 04:48 major feature: Version 58: New weapons: Mini-Uzi, Micro-Uzi New buildable buildings: Utilitool: HighTensionWireTower, Energy Bridge, Energy Bridge Control Multitool: Curtain,Castle,Polish Stairs (like a tower to next level, so you can more easily build multi story duengons/castles. Curtian,Castle,Polish interior door wall. Misc New: white and black pearls as a pickup. New Reticle for Mac-10 (more like its real iron sights) Ak's have been moved to button 6 for selection from button 3. What you can do with the new stuff: build a futuristic base with an "energy" drawbridge that can be toggled by pressing F in the center control area of a control bridge section. Remeber to lock-down the area with garrisions or control bases so the other team may not build their own control bridge buildings. Also remember the multitool lockz commands to make building easier. Build a hightensionwire tower for sniping or placing cannon on (remeber to set multitool blocktype so you may build buildings upon buildings if you wish to do this). Build a multistory castle of your own design with vaults, stairs, interior walls and doors, and furnishings aswell. Build these around your flag base to make capture very difficult. Equip uzi to feel like the Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator if you wish aswell. Remeber, this game is fully free, opensource, etc. Code and media. Enjoy! The utilitool and multitool are what you use to build. A hammer or kiduchi to construct from the scaffolds. Check out all the options in the input menu for commands to use.
5726 Apr 2015 09:04 major feature: Release 57: More buildable furniture. More buildable doors. Rotating doors nolonger gib by default at low dmg rates if stuck againt an obstacle. (dmg rates over 35 will still gib by default, this is all set in the g_door_rotating... etc cvars, you can set_temp_for_type them in your mapinfo file for your map ofcourse). suggested_*level for oil, water, lava etc just like foliage (so you can set defaults for your map) You can now flood maps with chemical, and methane seas, enegy hits above the chemical will cause an energy blast, bullet shots, and hits, will have a chance of causing a small explosion above the methane sea, explosions cause larger explosions in the methane vapour.
5620 Apr 2015 09:54 major feature: Release 55: New Features: Containers, commands: put, take (in addition to drop) (you can put or take from a container or chained prisoner) New command: search (you can search a container or a handcuffed or chained prisoner) Buildable Furniture, Archive utilitool block (container). Builabale Doors auto-center in halls and doorways. So you can now take over a house and fortify it. Bugfixes. When throwing nades or mines, the other type will not be autoselected if you run out (only nades with other types of nades, and mines with other types of mines) Additional water for waterlevel mutator. BASED option for water, oil, etc spawning (will base it to height/depth of map, sliders as percentage, all the way to the right = all filled up). Download:
5510 Apr 2015 11:00 major feature: Release 55: This update has been a polishing update, with a new feature aswell: Oil ocean mutator: you can now set oil level, if near the vapour level of the oil, enflamed things will spread fire on the oil. The rate is settable by cvar, currently set to a global max of 10 spreads per second, a per-entity think interval of 2 seconds, and a 30 percent chance of deciding to spread per think interval (0.1, 2, 0.3); Bugfixes for mines: A bug that has been in xonotic for along time (since it had mines) has been defeated. The bug was that if a mine was following (ie attached to a vehicle or mover etc) something and that something dissappeared the mine would then unfollow it and just stay static. Now for map movers of the map this might have been fine, their coords are global (IIRC, might be wrong). For sticking to vehicles, trees, etc, this caused the mine to appear at 0 0 0+ offset origin, which made life there troubling. When the minelayer was added there weren't many (or any?) vehicles in xon, and no foliage system/mutator so testing wasn't done for that. Now the mines (minelayer, landmine, atmine) if they lose what they're following/attached to remove themselves in 0.1 time. Bot ai code work: bots know how to throw grenades, drop mines, bury mines if grenades and mines are enabled. This includes flashbangs and smoke grenades. Some Gimp work, creating an oil texture and adding it to the caethaver2 tex pack. ,norm map for a wall used in sideloop map, etc. Misc Updates (ex: to bury a mine press J (it must be on ground/snow/grass/dirt/etc). Download:
5403 Apr 2015 05:50 major feature: Release 54: There are now over 72 weapons, thus code has been reworked to allow up to 24*4 weapons (96). (items.qh code in qcsrc/common) New weapons: War Mallet, Japanese Mallet (making 74 weapons total). Caltrop secondary now is more useful: drops many caltrops (10 to 15). (old secondary which threw them like darts can be enabled via cvar if desired) Added: AT mines Landmines and AT mines can be placed by hand. AT mines create large explosion. If a player has landmines and the minelayer weapon (throws mines), and has no ammo, the minelayer weapon will use the placable landmines as ammunition. If the player has the minelayer weapon equipped while placing the small landmines by hand (via the toss grenade button (G) after selecting a grenade (v) those landmines will be remotely detonatbale by pressing the minelayer secondary. Otherwise they will not be (this is intentional and required more code to set up). Mines (landmines / AT mines / mines layed by minelayer weapon) can now be buried if placed on dirt, snow, grass, etc via the bury command. Check out create startweapons button to set what mines/grenades/etc you start with. Bot now have a _mele weapon priority list, in addition to the normal _far, _mid, _close Thus they know when not to use a bow but use a cudgel instead. Be sure to check out the (;) and (L) keys when aiming (center aim, tip gun to side) (Commands: altaim, shootfromside). An additional buildable medeval door has been added for the multitool.
5331 Mar 2015 05:57 major feature: Release 53: New weapons: Flanged Mace, Light Crossbow, Crude Bow, Composite Bow. Arrows, Crossbow bolts, and Balistta bolts can now be set alight: press R and F key concurrently when near a fire. (F and R is easiests on weapons, R then F for ballista works the best) Many weapons now have custom aimsettings for ; key (altaim (center)) so their ironsights are lined up. Notes for coders: ------------------- For those wishing the newest code updated at all times (should they arise): Get the ISO, then pull the git repo called "xonotic-concrete". name it xonotic-data-bla.pk3dir and put it in XonoticDir/data/ so the path to latest qcsrc would be: XonoticDir/data/xonotic-data-bla.pk3dir/qcsrc/ and models would be XonoticDir/data/xonotic-data-bla.pk3dir/models/ textures would be XonoticDir/data/xonotic-data-bla.pk3dir/textures/ Then go in XonoticDir/data/xonotic-data-bla.pk3dir/qcsrc/ and do the command make (you will need the quakeC compiler: gmqcc) You can also put this in /.xonotic/data/ IE: /.xonotic/data/xonotic-data-bla.pk3dir/qcsrc/ etc. Then you can 'git pull' in (wherever)/data/xonotic-data-bla.pk3dir/ if you want newest gamecode. xonotic-concrete is the main gamecode git repo. Enjoy!
5226 Mar 2015 11:10 major feature: Release 52: New weapons: English Longbow, Cudgel New Mutator options: remove weapons from map on start. Replace weapons on map with: spikes, fire, pillar of flame, jumppads, bouncer, baloon, tanktraps, buildings, foliage. You can also light up your crossbow bolt or longbow arrow if near a burning item (something on fire or fire particles) by pressing F+R keys (use and reload keys). Also you can move your gun to the center by pressing the Semicolon (;) key next to L. Thus you can more easily shoot out of arrow slits in Castles etc (also works with L: turn gun to the side) Enjoy!
5103 Mar 2015 16:34 major feature: Release 51: New weapons: M16 vn, M16 mini (like an m4), 44 Magnum, Browning HiPower 9mm pistol. New buildables: Vineyard (Release 50: New weapons: AKS-74u, Tokarev pistol (TT-33)) Enjoy!
4802 Feb 2015 09:32 major feature: Release 48: Some more weapons for you and some perfomance improvements perhaps. New Weapons: AK-47, RPG7 (thanks to RPG7 will ignite things (trees etc) sometimes (not often but sometimes) LOD models used more for vehicles to speed things up (complex vehicles stay at lod1 more than lod0 now) Specifically the fokker tri-plane, blackhawk heli, the sports cars, yugo car, etc Various bugfixes.
4720 Jan 2015 14:26 minor feature: Release 47: New Buildables: -Metal Drum -Gasoline Drum -Explosive Charge -FireSupression station (Misc random building mutator will build Fire suppression stations in addition to all the other building it builds) Added variable for vehicles so that when set when they are placed the traceline collides: movetype_normal (default is worldonly) Exploding gasoline drums ignight nearby trees (and wooden buildings) Explosive charges blow the trees up. Enjoy!
4616 Jan 2015 01:35 major feature: Release 46: New Buildables: -Wood Door -Steel Door -Wood Paneled Door -Glass Door Ability to teamlock doors on buildable buildings. Misc improvements.
4404 Jan 2015 21:03 major feature: Release 44: New Buildable Buildings: -Siege Workshop -Treetop Sentry (treehouse) New Mounted weapon: -Battering Ram Various improvements to the buildable buildings system. Siege Workshop added to the randomly place buildings mutator.
4326 Dec 2014 15:55 minor feature: Release 43: 2 new spells: Monster to mouse, monster to mountain. New hand-to-hand fighting arena: IslandSkyArena. Added coins and gems as pickupable items. Pickups can now have skins (in addition to having colormap, which they always could have) If you are turned to stone you see stone or gray (1st vs 3rd person), you cannot see untill you are nolonger stone.
4205 Oct 2014 10:24 minor feature: Release 42: More futuristic construction options. Option to build concrete, reenforced concrete, metal truss floors, futuristic windows, X beams.
4128 Sep 2014 07:42 minor feature: Release 41: More wood construction options. Option to build iron bars and wood barred windows. Various bugfixes etc. Improvements to drop command.
4024 Sep 2014 07:26 minor feature: Release 40: More marble construction options. Various bugfixes etc. Menu enhancement (you can now select anaglyph 3d glasses options from the video menu, if such is your pleasure)
3916 Sep 2014 07:47 major feature: Release 39: New weapons: 357 magnum, crowbar, yari. Crowbar rips down scaffolds easily, just as the war hammer builds them the quickest. Mounted machine guns now have some jitter when being fired sustained, but return to original aim point after. Castle blocks can be built in a variety of colors.
3805 Sep 2014 18:58 major feature: Release 38: More Building system improvements. You can now build in marbles of 22 types Fluted columns in the marble block section Ability to change roof block colors with multi tool command
3527 Aug 2014 16:50 major feature: Release 35: Building system improvements. You can now build bridges. Make sure to lean how to use the multi tool and lockz commands. More shapes to use blocks to build.
3420 Aug 2014 22:28 major feature: Release 34: Updated Darkhold map. New weapon: desert eagle type .50 cal pistol Custom crosshairs for pistols Misc improvements.
3224 Jul 2014 17:58 major feature: Release 32: Updated Darkhold map. New weapon: Tesubo Improved lightsabre code. Shootable doors can be set not to respond to imprisoned players. Misc improvements.
3116 Jul 2014 05:57 major bugfix: Release 31: Updated KrillDonjon map. Improved lightsabre code. Fixed issue with blindness code.
3013 Jul 2014 06:29 major feature: Release 30: New weapons: Katana, Odachi, Nagamaki, Lightsabre. (The game now has 52 weapons) The 48 weapon limit has now been extended to 72, and it is know how to extend it further if the need arises. Nukeflash and blidness have been improved. You can drink from your surroundings (water, lava, slime etc).
2807 Jul 2014 09:02 major feature: Release 28: Flashbangs and Smoke grenades added. Nuclear weapons now cause a nukeflash and temp blindness. Monsters and bots are stunned by flashbangs and other calamities.