crosti 1.14.0

Crosti helps in creating custom cross-stitching schemes from image files / photographs. It supports all common raster and vector images, permits various colorizations and adaptions, resizing and rotating templates, adding lines or circles, and obviously printing them out.

Tags c++ qt printing image conversion handwork needlework
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.14.005 Mar 2019 14:05 major feature: Added 35 new colors to DMC palette. New palettes added: cosmo, jpcoats, madeira, paterna, silkmori. Hungarian translation added.
1.13.115 Jul 2016 01:25 minor bugfix: Similiar color areas printing and exporting to pdf. Export design to image with colors when colors disabled.
1.13.024 Nov 2014 07:25 minor feature: Increase design edit performace when minimap is off. MiniMap processing speed increased significantly for large size Designs. Added PayPal donation option.