Damn Cool Editor 1.0

The „Damn Cool Editor“ is a plain but clever development environment with extrem few dependencies. Provides (among other cool stuff) a plain look & feel, consistently session based usage, auto versioning, auto indention, intelligent home key, syntax dependent bracket completion, syntax dependent line jumper, syntax highlighting, syntax completion (keyword based), syntax assitance (keyword based), extensibility of programming languages, extensibility of translations, and extensibility of themes. It's intended no option for geeks expecting a modal editor, mouse focused people (you should know & use [ctrl-c] f.e.), experts excited about stuff like bbox selections, programmers looking for sophisticated syntax stuff, users unable to use mount for remote editing, nerds awaiting code folding, and kids believing more boxes are better. It's a cool combination of an old fashioned tool and clever stuff for advanced users thinking that modern IDEs are just bloated toys with far too little focus on the main thing: your code.

Tags software-development text-editor bash javascript php tcl unix-shell x11 tk cross-plattform developers end-users
License BSDL-2
State stable

Recent Releases

1.017 May 2021 04:37 minor feature: Keyboard shortcuts especially for keyboards under 80 (Pos1 / End), and syntax for Rivet and SVG files.
0.1730 May 2020 08:28 minor feature: Main dropdown menus: less flickering while building them up on the fly Colors: borders in syntax stuff now uses the spot color (equivalent tooltips) Linejumper: for choosing out of a really large amount of procs/functions a scrollbar is now available Bracket autocompletion: failed f.e. on FreeBSD, because Tk's " A" didn't fire up anymore - fixed
0.1608 Apr 2020 14:54 minor feature: updated PHP syntax highlighting and keyboard shortcuts
0.1507 Jan 2019 14:39 minor feature: Option to create new files, shortlinks to the last ten opened projects, more tooltips, better svn functionality, and some bugfixes (belonging to highlighting and themes).
0.1423 Mar 2018 18:16 minor feature: syntax highlighting for Perl, updated the (small) docs, better default colors, and many smaller things like saving files also with F2 , additions in syntax highlight files, wordings etc; bugfixes on highlighting on inserts, bugfix on double clicks on loading sessions
0.1310 Feb 2018 09:40 minor feature: Deactivated flashing on bracket completions, scrollbars on filetree only visible when there is something to scroll, added SHTML file extension, improvement on closing a session and keyboard bindings, no empty syntax helps, wording, typos