DMD 2.108.0

D is a modern C-style programming language, declarative, object-oriented, and with inferred static typing, somewhat inspired by Python, Java, Eiffel, C# and Ruby. It provides many conveniences, like automatic memory management, concurrency-awareness, contractual design, or first class arrays and dictionaries, built-in macro and meta programming features. It still permits inline assembler, and produces fast and native binaries.

Tags d c programming-language developers
License Boost
State stable

Recent Releases

2.108.002 Apr 2024 02:47 major feature: D 2.108.0 implements named arguments for functions, updates std.uni to Unicode 15.1.0, and support for interpolated expressions.
2.107.113 Mar 2024 22:46 minor bugfix: D 2.107.0 fixes a `writefln` linking issue, and a string array concatenation bug where it did not respect operator precedence. See the full ChangeLog for more information.