Duplicati is a free, open source, backup client that securely stores encrypted, incremental, compressed backups on cloud storage services and remote file servers. It works with: Amazon S3, IDrive e2, Backblaze (B2), Box, Dropbox, FTP, Google Cloud and Drive, MEGA, Microsoft Azure and OneDrive, Rackspace Cloud Files, OpenStack Storage (Swift), Sia, Storj DCS, SSH (SFTP), WebDAV, Tencent Cloud Object Storage (COS), and more!

Tags backup cloud encryption sftp webdav trust-no-one-backup cloud-backup client-only-backup c-sharp javascript
License GNU LGPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases Jun 2024 06:45 major feature: This release is a canary release intended to be used for testing in preparation of a later stable release. Unlike regular canary builds, this one has a major change in the build system, so it now runs on.NET8.. For that reason, the updater in previous canary builds does not detect this update yet, but this can be activated at a later time. Please see release notes for `v2.0.9.100` for a summary of changes. ## Detailed lits of changes: Removed obsolete platform detection code, thanks @Jojo-1000. Changed XMPP library to Artalk.Xmpp, thanks @Jojo-1000. an with rendering non-ascii. Cleaned up some library licenses. SQL quotes and added quote guard to SQL queries, thanks @Jojo-1000. Updated AWS region list. compare logic not working on Linux, thanks @Jojo-1000. Added logic to set AWS hostname in UI based on selected region. Removed deprecated S3 options `--s3-european-buckets` and `--s3-use-rrs`. Removed support for deprecated spelling of S3 credentials. Removed bundled GPG Windows binaries. Removed unsupported AlphaFS. Changed restore to not use local blocks by default. Updated Poli Systems endpoints, thanks @IIPoliII. Added Debian Arm7 packages. Updated CoCoL to latest.NET 8 version. Added support for arguments for scripts. Improved speed of the recovery tool, using in-memory lookup and added configurable open archive cache. Increasing the default number of archives tested to 0.1 . Updated SharpAESCrypt to v2. Note this deprecates threaded encryption, and adds padding validation. Set the environment variable `AES_IGNORE_PADDING_BYTES=1` if you re-encrypt archives with an external AES Crypt tool. Apr 2024 10:16 documentation: This build is intended to be the last build that uses.Net4 (aka.Net Desktop). Future builds are expected to use.Net8 and will require a manual update, because the.Net builds are no longer operating system independent. The upside is that there are fewer dependencies (no more Mono). and execution times are greatly improved. Removed donation messages. Updated MacOS Installer license text. Updated installer to support future manual upgrade. Added information to reports when encountering an exception. Mar 2024 03:15 minor bugfix: Updated license to MIT, thanks @kenkendk. crash when logging startup errors, thanks @Jojo-1000. Updated SSH.Net, thanks @gpatel-fr. exception happening when stopping the running backup, thanks @Jojo-1000. with connecting to server thanks @kellycampbe. Improved file-backend listing speed, thanks @Jojo-1000. Added support for IPv6 addresses as hostnames, thanks @Jojo-1000. Added AliyunOSS backend, thanks @trueai-org. Added to not show empty form on restarts, thanks @kenkendk. Updated Uplink for Storj to 2.12, thanks @gpatel-fr and @kenkendk. Added machine and backup id options for reports, thanks @kenkendk. with using alternate OAuth server url, thanks @gpatel-fr and @kenkendk. Dec 2023 10:56 minor feature: This canary is a bugfix release with error reporting improvements, no database format change. Options changes: `--s3-disable-chunk-encoding` added to the AWS backend (only useful for some providers) `--full-remote-verification` changes from a boolean option to a tri-valued one. Existing configurations should not be impacted. `--aftp-log-to-console` and `--aftp-log-privateinfo-to-console` added to the Alternative Ftp backend (for debugging purposes only) `--repair-force-block-use` added to the database rebuild process (only for very damaged databases) Changes: - Fix various bugs with backup filters, thanks @jojo-1000 - Fix highlighting in restore file picker, thanks @jojo-1000 - Update mail libraries, thanks gpatel-fr - Remove dead facebook link and add doc link, thanks @jojo-1000 - Remove obsolete hubic backend, thanks @gpatel-fr - Remove obsolete tool TlsTest, thanks @gpatel-fr - Update Serbian translation, thanks @sagitarion - Improve result reporting for interrupted/failed backups, thanks @jojo-1000 - Add return code 3 to help.txt, thanks @gpatel-fr - Fix missing file error caused by interrupted compact, thanks @jojo-1000 and @warwickmm - Include exception type and message in job log, thanks @jojo-1000 - Update thirdparty info to remove obsolete references, thanks @gpatel-fr - Remove JS error in negated 'IN' expressions, fixing bad restore prompt (thanks @gorosgobe and Bloomberg) - Update restsharp, thanks @gpatel-fr - Update FluentFTP (Alternative FTP) to 46.0.2 and fixes for initial directory creation, thanks @taz-il - Add console log to the Alternative FTP backend, thanks @gpatel-fr - Fix hidden username and password options when changing backends, thanks @jojo-1000 - Add option to disable chunked encoding for AWS S3, thanks @jojo-1000 - Specify the name of the backup when reporting failures, thanks @taz-il - Allow to perform tests without checking file list, thanks @gpatel-fr - Enhance database re