Fifth browser 0.5

Fifth is a Linux-exclusive browser that carries the best features from Opera, as well as a few unique features that are likely to please Linux power users. It's based on a custom Webkit port to FLTK and comes licensed under the GPLv3.

Tags browser fltk c++ webkit
License GNU GPLv3
State beta

Recent Releases

0.530 Mar 2016 10:09 minor feature: Synced with a newer upstream Webkit, some minor fixes. 1.3 smaller.
0.414 Nov 2015 14:00 minor feature: Support for GCC 5.2 and LTO. The precompiled binary is now 14.5 smaller. Support for non-encrypted WebSockets. SSL errors are now reported for all sub-resources as well. The default Firefox UA string updated to latest ESR. Various crash fixes. Various usability improvements.
0.202 Mar 2015 19:01 minor feature: UserCSS. Improved middle-clicking link behavior. Iframe behavior fixes. Ubuntu dash build fix. Various bugfixes.