File Lock PEA 1.5

File Lock PEA encrypt files or folders, using authenticated encryption (EAX mode) to provide both confidentiality and the integrity and memory-hard key derivation functions to protect custom hardware attacks. Nextcloud, Owncloud and some cloud providers are supported. File Lock PEA is platform-independent, needs no installation but requires the Java Runtime Environment.

Tags file encrytion java password protection security privacy
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.529 May 2022 09:07 major feature: - Timer to encrypt the files automatically after a certain period of time - Command line mode: Allows calling via the command line and skipping the opening dialogue - Additional default cryptographic algorithms: Serpent as cipher, SHA-512 as hash function - Several minor bugfixes and improvements
1.403 Oct 2021 09:12 major feature: - Parameters of the key derivation function can be adjusted - Key files can be added as a second security factor to the password - Different language can be installed subsequently - Several minor bugfixes and improvements
1.304 Jul 2021 12:05 major feature: - Libraries for cloud support were replaced. Runs now with Java 8 until Java 17 and probably further versions - You can choose algorithms and parameters - Several minor bugfixes - GUI / accessibility improvements - Option to automatically search for updates on start
1.212 Jul 2020 10:24 major feature: - Cloud Connection to Nextcloud, Owncloud and some cloud providers - Password hide and show per button - Check for program update - Minor Bugfixes
1.124 Mar 2019 21:07 minor feature: - Drag Drop of files and folders in password dialog (encrypted) and main frame (plaintext) - Accessibility support (still incomplete): accessible description for all items and buttons if there is no tool tip text, password dialog is full accessible by keyboard - You can set background color and font size of the program - Remembers last location and size - Bug fixes: several click on OK button when decryption works resulted in unexpected behavior, messages for many files (close unencrypted) could be larger than the screen - Uses now at least Java 7
1.030 Jul 2018 07:15 major feature: - Support for zip and unzip: You can now hide meta data and handle several files in one encrypted zip file - Wipe function: You can securely wipe a file by overwriting the file several times before deleting it - Better accessibility support (still incomplete) - Shortcuts for char tables: CTRL + F1/F2...
0.223 Jul 2017 11:56 minor feature: - New Graphical User Interface (Nimbus Look Feel), hour glass as wait cursor, - Usability: Position of dialogs and windows, file chooser remembers last folder... - Better distinction between encrypted files and plain text files: lock symbol, background color, text - Files are now always correct sorted - View menu with tree view, full file names, update and cleanup option - Password check: GUI and improvements of quality check - Improvements for unix start script (future proof) - Fix of minor bugs: Backward compatibility to Java 1.6 prior update 10, shutdown hook problems for Free BSD...
0.130 May 2016 09:50 minor feature: