A service and API for using OpenGL through a socket.

Tags graphics library user-interfaces c++ x11 posix
License MITL
State development

Recent Releases

0.401 Aug 2015 22:33 major feature: * Rewrite font engine to support UTF8, variable width fonts, and kerning. * Implement TrueType and PCF font loading with Freetype. Update internal texture format to support multilevel textures. Implement GIF loading. Allow zero-size strings in streams. Add support for PNG images with 16 bit colordepth. Add VRENUM macro for defining vertex ranges in a combined VBO. Reorder keycodes to make function keys easier to see. Implement pointer crossing and window visibility events. Support non-toplevel windows. Add support for specifying attributes by name. Add XK_ISO_Left_Tab keycode, sent by Shift+Tab. Remove self-modifiers from modifier keycodes. Remove Shift modifier from all printable keys. Support systemd socket activation. Implement COM object Delete notification. Set WM_NORMAL_HINTS(WM_SIZE_HINTS), making popup windows of a fixed size.. Add VGENs for ellipses and circles. Remove alpha, truecolor, and rgba requirements from fbconfig match.