GNOME 3.16.0

GNOME is a desktop environemnt and an application collection for BSD/Linux systems. It aims for accessibility and simplified interfaces. It utilizes the Gtk+/Gdk/Glib, Cairo/Clutter, WebKitGtk and GStreamer toolkits, Mutter as its window manager, also strongly integrates DBUS and Avahi, provides an adaptable Gnome shell, many productivity and system applications,and some games.

Tags c c++ vala gtk desktop desktop-environment window-manager gnome
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

3.16.025 Mar 2015 17:55 major feature: GNOME 3.16 brings a brand new notification system and updated calendar design, which helps you to easily keep track of what s happened, and includes useful information like world times and event reminders. Other features include overlaid scrollbars, updated visuals, improved content views in Files, and a redesigned image viewer. Major additions have also been made to the GNOME developer experience: GTK+ support for OpenGL now allows GTK+ apps to support 3D natively, a new GLib reference counting feature will help with debugging, and GTK+ Inspector has also had a major update.
3.14.025 Sep 2014 18:03 major feature: New animations in the Activities Overview, along with new window animations. Automatic handling for Wi-Fi hotspots that require you to login (so called captive portals ). A redesigned Weather application, which uses geolocation to show the weather for your current location. Support for browsing Google pictures in Photos. Improved touchscreen support, with multi-touch gestures for both the system and applications.