hbcxx 1.0

hbcxx uses the Unix #!/path/to/interpreter technique to make C++ (and C) source code directly executable. Modern C++, meaning C++11 or even C++14, feels like another language. This is not because the language has been changed massively but because the new features encourage a different, and slightly higher level way to think about writing C++. It's faster, more fun, supports lambdas, has tools to simplify memory management and includes regular expressions in the standard library. hbcxx is a tool to keep things fast and fun by putting of the moment you have to write a build system and an install script. For simple programs, especially for quick and dirty personal toys, the day you have to write a proper build system may never come. Instead just copy your C++ source code into $HOME/bin. Try it. It works.

Tags cpp compiler debugger build-tool
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.014 Dec 2014 10:23 major feature: Better automatic source code discovery algorithm. Improved temporary file handling (no collisions, no temporaries left behind after a signal stops the compile). Improved debugger support with much cleaner and simpler launches (easy to debug static initializers). Faster launch times thanks to caching the compiler detection.