incr Tcl 4.0.2

[incr Tcl] is the most popular object-orientation language extensions for Tcl. Its object model is comparable to C++, includes multiple inheritance, classes and instances, and property and method visibility modifiers. It simplifies Tcl/Tk application building, both desktop apps or games; and generally structuring code flow, or chaining classes to C and C++ code. It also comes with new [incr Widgets] and [incr Tk] for building complex and custom widgets.

Tags tcl tk incr oop library developers
License BSDL
State stable

Recent Releases

4.0.228 Nov 2014 01:45 minor bugfix: Broken iwidgets fixed. Restore binary compat needed by Itk that was lost in memleak fix. Fix uplevel by getting call frame clientdata from varFramePtr and not framePtr. Multiple other typos and reported bugs fixed.