iQPuzzle 1.2.7

iQPuzzle is a diverting I.Q. challenging pentomino puzzle. Pentominos are used as puzzle pieces and more than 300 different board shapes are available, which have to be filled with them.

Tags puzzle game desktop pentomino cpp qt
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.2.718 Nov 2022 19:13 minor feature: Add Greek translation
1.2.612 Feb 2022 19:48 minor feature: Add Chinese translation, update Italian translation
1.2.503 Jun 2021 19:41 minor feature: Add Norwegian translation, update Italian translation
1.2.424 Apr 2021 16:19 minor bugfix: Add support for Qt6, fix disappearing block borders
1.2.320 Mar 2021 15:28 minor bugfix: Updated Dutch translation
1.2.213 Mar 2021 12:58 minor bugfix: Fix for oddities barrier color if system background color is used; Packaging fixes