Kenozooid 0.17.0

Kenozooid is software used to plan and analyse diving activities. Features like dive data plotting and analysis, dive planning and dive computer support along with simple but powerful logbook maintenance are already implemented.

Tags dive data analysis dive planning dive logbook
License GNU GPLv3
State alpha

Recent Releases

0.17.002 Jan 2018 21:40 major feature: This release adds support for hwOS family of OSTC dive computers.
0.16.006 Jul 2015 12:36 major feature: This release extends decompression dive plan summary with O2 partial pressure and maximum operating depth information.
0.15.108 Apr 2015 19:58 major feature: This release fixes command line parsing after "argparse" library changes.
0.15.009 Sep 2014 09:57 major feature: This release adds decompression dive planning feature and adds support for OSTC 2C dive computer in OSTC driver.