Lazarus 3.0.0

Lazarus is a cross-platform RAD Object Pascal Development IDE for use with Free Pascal. It is the open source equivalent of the Delphi VCL, designed to be widget-independent and to work on any platform where Free Pascal can be found.

Tags pascal software development compilers libraries frameworks integrated development environments ide lazarus object-pascal fpc
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

3.0.021 Dec 2023 18:16 major feature: Multiple new features on all supported platforms.
2.2.621 Dec 2023 18:15 minor bugfix: Bug fix release.
2.2.421 Dec 2023 18:15 minor bugfix: Bug fix release.
2.2.219 May 2022 10:18 minor bugfix: Bug fix release.
2.2.006 Jan 2022 00:17 major feature: Multiple improvements and new features, among others in the IDE, the LCL and widgetsets. Based on Free Pascal 3.2.2.
2.0.1202 Nov 2021 06:55 major bugfix: Bug fixing release
2.0.1011 Jul 2020 16:37 major bugfix: Bug fixing release, some minor new features, first version based on Free Pascal 3.2.0.
2.0.817 Apr 2020 23:17 minor bugfix: Bug fixing release, improved macOS Cocoa widgetset
2.0.617 Apr 2020 23:16 minor bugfix: Bug fixing release
2.0.424 Aug 2019 19:52 minor bugfix: Bug fixing release
2.0.217 Apr 2019 18:50 minor bugfix: Bug fixing release
2.0.007 Feb 2019 20:53 major feature: Major release with bug fixes and multiple new features, including Cocoa transport and a Pascal to JavaScript transpiler.
1.8.017 Dec 2017 23:04 major feature: Major release with bug fixes and multiple new features
1.6.413 Apr 2017 11:05 minor bugfix: Bug fixes.
1.6.219 Nov 2016 00:06 minor bugfix: Bug fixes.
1.6.027 Mar 2016 18:02 major feature: Multiple new features, including docking, project groups and improved editor. Based on Free Pascal 3.0.0.
1.4.427 Mar 2016 18:01 minor bugfix: Mainly bug fixes
1.4.205 Sep 2015 22:35 minor bugfix: Mainly bug fixes
1.4.022 Apr 2015 17:30 major feature: Resources: All IDE resources are stored in RES files now. Component images can be loaded from resources stored in RES files now. LazRes and LrsToLfm have been improved to assist in resource migration process. Project options has a 'Resource' section which allows to add any user resources which are stored in the project .RES file together with project icon, manifest and version information. Project version information was extended to allow saving build-related attribute information. Editor: Auto-Indent now supports "tab only". If a new line is started, the indent of the previous line is recreated using tabs. And then either spaces or cut off. Keyword-pair/triplet highlight (matching begin,end) can be turned on/off for each pair/triplet Keyword-pair/triplet supports if/then/else Compiler message marks. Each compiler message shows an icon in the left gutter, a wavy underline in the text and a mark on the right gutter. You can right click on the left icon to get context actions, e.g. Quick Fixes. Refactoring tool Show Abstract Methods now supports class interfaces. Identifier completion box (Ctrl+Space) has now options to disable sorting for scope and to disable putting the recently used identifiers top. If you disable both the list is sorted alphabetically. Debugger: Attach: List available processes (Windows/Linux/OSX only) Debug-Inspector: Select member values (class/record/(dyn)array/pointer-deref) by double click on row Allow single step from exception to except/finally block (includes stepping through implicit except blocks, at then end of some methods). Also fix single step now works, if it steps over an ignored exception. BETA: Alternative debugger fpdebug blog Designer: New Undo feature supports component moving, resizing and deleting. Also property changed by Object Inspector can be undone. Component palette Palette is fully configurable. Pages can be added, pages and components can be reordered and components can be moved
1.2.614 Oct 2014 18:21 minor bugfix: Bug fix release
1.2.430 Jul 2014 00:33 minor bugfix: Bug fix release