lazygit 0.28.1

A simple terminal UI for git commands, written in Go with the gocui library.

Tags git development text-editor text-processing
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

0.28.125 Apr 2021 20:08 minor feature: 9190e9b Fix englishIntroPopupMessage typo in english.go
0.27.416 Apr 2021 10:29 minor feature: f2df77a Fix path for Linux config file 9f4433d allow opening merge tool 2d8f7d2 better way of scrolling to a merge conflict a9fbc9e fix merge conflict panel not rendering 70b5c82 update to explain situation with config paths 8d41663 update release notes
0.26.115 Mar 2021 19:35 minor feature: 058bcdd fix renamed files looking wrong