LightTable 0.7.2

LightTable is a programmers environment and IDE that features live code execution, instrospective debugging, and instant feedback for modifications. The supported languages are Clojure, JavaScript and Python. It's based on a HTML/JS based runtime, allows to embed anything, work on remotely hosted web apps, very customizable and extensible, and provides a modern interface with memorable shortcuts and tools.

Tags nodejs ide clojure javascript python debugging introspection
License MITL
State beta

Recent Releases

0.7.225 Nov 2014 03:15 minor feature: FIX: Behavior ordering issue that caused plugin weirdness and menus disappearing FIX: allow single arity logs FIX: changelog additions
0.7.021 Nov 2014 20:05 major feature: Move to the MIT License Enter doesn't select a completion by default anymore, just tab. Add "-enter" :passthrough to your keymap get it back. parens are not auto-closed by default anymore, add :app:lt.objs.settings/pair-keymap-diffs to your behaviors to get it back. Remove plugin server and use Github as the plugin-metadata repository. New flat syntax for behaviors and keymaps that allows much better copying and pasting. Move all Light Table websites to Github pages. Linux run script portability. Fix CodeMirror search failing with RegExp. Better websocket-based eval. Allow custom colors for rainbow parens. download via https. editor conversion in the editor API. Note hotkeys for OSX. Jump stack fixes. diff ordering was slightly wrong. prevent errors without lines from throwing. show notifications for errors without editor locations. emacs find fixes. fix connector failing to connect. use menu behaviors for all menus. search no longer randomly searches on keyup/keydown. prevent tab labels from leaking. remove unused/non-existent behaviors. remove all CLJS compiler warnings. fix Haxe extension. prevent the same folder/file from being added to the workspace twice. fix regexp replace. lots of error reporting fixes. much better completion/helper interaction for behaviors and commands. README tons of readme updates. You can now open multiple copies of a single file. duplicate file action to workspace menu. when wrapping with parens, select the result. copy exception menu item for inline exceptions. copy support for the console. menu for inline results. show plugins directory in about tab. allow command shortcutting. File: Open another view of current file command. indent-level aware backspace. Settings: User script command. Allow folding at a location. auto convert old behaviors/keymaps to the flat syntax. CodeMirror. Latest node-webkit.