Mayan EDMS 2.2

Free Open Source Document Management System

Tags paperless django python documents ocr
License Apache
State alpha

Recent Releases

2.229 Apr 2017 02:45 minor feature: Remove the installation app. Add support for document page search. Remove recent searches feature. Remove dependency on the django-filetransfer library. height calculation in resize transformation. Improve upgrade instructions. New image caching pipeline. New drop down menus for the documents, folders and tags app as well as for. the user links New Dashboard view. Moved licenses to their own module in every app. Update project to work with Django 1.10.4. Tags are alphabetically ordered by label. Stop loading theme fonts from the web. Add support for attaching multiple tags. Integrate the Cabinets app.
2.1.1116 Mar 2017 08:25 minor feature: Added a quick rename serializer to the document type API serializer. Added per document type, workflow list API view. Mayan EDMS was adopted a version 1.1 of the Linux Foundation Developer Certificate of Origin. Added the detail url of a permission in the permission serializer. Added endpoints for the ACL app API. Implemented document workflows transition ACLs. GitLab. Add document comments API endpoints. GitHub. Add support for overriding the Celery class. Changed the document upload view in source app to not use the HTTP referer URL blindly, but instead recompose the URL using known view name. Needed when integrating Mayan EDMS into other app via using iframes. Addes size field to the document version serializer. Removed the serializer from the deleted document restore API endpoint. Added support for adding or editing document types to smart links via the API.
2.1.704 Feb 2017 17:05 minor feature: Improved user management API endpoints. Improved permissions API endpoints. Improvements in the API tests of a few apps. Addition Content type list API view to the common app. Add API endpoints to the events app. Enable the parser and validation fields of the metadata serializer.
2.1.510 Nov 2016 12:05 minor bugfix: Backport resize transformation math operation. Update Pillow to 3.1.2 (Security ). Backport zoom transformation performance improvement. Backport trash can navigation link resolution. Improve documentation regarding the use of GPG version 1. ACL create view HTML response type. Expland staging folder and watch folder explanation.
2.1.430 Oct 2016 08:40 minor bugfix: