Django 2.1.2 💾

Django is a high-level Python Web-MVC framework for RAD with clean and pragmatic code. It's comparatively fast, integrates moderns security features, and is very scalable. It prefers explicit configuration over implicit conventions, has an object-relational database mapper, autogenerated admin interfaces, flexible regex-based URL dispatching, internationalization features, a custom templating engine or Jinja2, caching, authentication or authorization, a user comment plugin, RSS/Atom and sitemap

minor feature: model state on objects with a primary key creat . . - Added an exception if the PostgreSQL database name is . . - get_primary_key_column() method in sqlite3 backend. . Refs #28859 -- "no data found" exception handling with cx_Oracl . . - Mentioned the #django-dev IRC channel in contributing . . - Removed Fabric examples in docs. . Added release date for 2.0.5 and 1.11.13. . Added stub release notes for 2.0.6. . - Removed empty action attribute on HTML forms. . - Doc'd that ModelAdmin.prepopulated_fields removes sto . . Used double quotation marks for csrf form element. . - Added a system check to prohibit models with more tha . . Refs #29358 -- Corrected wording in primary key check message. . - Added long_description in . - HTTP request logging inconsistencies. . - error handling when MIGRATIONS_MODULES specifie . . Alphabetized imports in docs/ref/contrib/postgres/fields.txt. . Replaced django.test.utils.patch_logger() with assertLogs(). . Captured logging in tests with self.assertLogs(). . - Added choices to LogEntry.action_flag field. . Refs #29350 -- 'invalid escape sequence' warning in SQLite intr . . Replaced context by comment in 2 humanize strings. . Refs #29389 -- Added Paginator test for float page number. . - Made Paginator reject non-integer page numbers of typ . . Added tests for trans_null.ngettext(). . - Added SimpleTestCase.assertWarnsMessage(). . German Translation for 3 days ago . . Upgraded OpenLayers to 4.6.5 for OpenLayersWidget. . Replaced TOKEN_ constants by TokenType enums. . - Added router.allow_relation() calls for assignments b . . Aliased trans_null.to_locale() to trans_real.to_locale(). . Increased django.utils.translation.trans_null test coverage. . Consolidated duplicate to_locale() implementations. . Alphabetized imports in various docs. . Moved to_language() to django.utils.translation. . - Removed management commands deactivation of the locale. . - Updated admin's jQuery to 3.3.1. .

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rovercode 0.4.0

rovercode is an educational robotics platform. It features a Blockly web app to make it easy to program and run your robot (rover) straight from your browser. Drag and drop commands to: - drive motors - read values from sensors - see what your rover sees with the built-in webcam viewer. The web app pairs with our service running on the rover. A rover can be anything supported by the [Adafruit Python GPIO library](, including: - [C.H.I.P.](https:

Vaultier Team Password Manager 0.7.2

Vaultier is a collaborative password manager and file storage, suitable for enterprise usage. It allows account-based file access constraints, utilizes RSA over AES for encrypting data, authorization keys stored on clients. It's available as docker container, Ubuntu-tested package, or via PyPI