MikroLock 1.2.1

MikroLock reads and writes encrypted miniLock files. It is a fast native implementation of the open minilock file format. Despite its name (and in contrast to the original implementation), it can also handle big files. Information about the cryptographic details: https://minilock.io.

Tags cryptography c console linux kde
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.2.102 Sep 2019 19:06 minor bugfix: -GUI: fixed Qt compilation error
1.206 Mar 2018 21:00 minor feature: -GUI: added checkbox to echo the passphrase
1.104 Jun 2016 10:30 minor bugfix: -added Argon2 as possible key derivation function (--kdf) -changed wording of miniLock-ID to Lock-ID -GUI: added --portable command line option to save config files in the current working directory instead of the user directory -GUI W32: shows progress in task bar (Windows 7 and later)
1.027 Aug 2015 19:27 minor bugfix: -GUI: drag and drop disabled if multiple files are dragged -CLI: ignores own miniLock ID also in recipient list if -x is set
0.1505 Aug 2015 08:13 major bugfix: -GUI: ignores own miniLock ID also in recipient list if "Omit my ID" is checked
0.1402 Jul 2015 18:43 major bugfix: -name changed to MikroLock -fixed minor documentation issues