Multi Lingual TERMinal emulator 3.8.0

mlterm provides a X11 terminal emulator with extensive support for internationalization, different character sets and encodings, or input methods. Fonts are rendered anti-aliased through FreeType, one instance can manage multiple windows, it has a scrollbar API, mouse wheel support, automatic encoding detection, and a daemon mode. Binaries for Windows and Java are also available.

Tags c gtk x11 terminal-emulator xterm i18n
License BSDL
State stable

Recent Releases

3.8.004 Sep 2016 03:16 major feature: Refactor source code and directory tree. Change library names. libmkf = libmef, libkik = libpobl.
3.7.211 Jul 2016 03:16 minor bugfix: Add mlterm-con which is a console version of mlterm and which works on various. Terminal emulators. Support wheel mouse on MacOSX/Cocoa. (Merge a patch at : Misalignment of the display position of characters in drawing them with the use of complementary loaded fonts on cairo.
3.7.120 Mar 2016 12:25 minor bugfix: Add "vt_color_mode" to OSC 5380 and 5381. : Compiling error of registobmp. (Enged at 3.7.0) (Thanks to Amadeusz)
3.7.028 Feb 2016 20:25 major bugfix: Enable to place configuration files in on MacOSX/Cocoa. Change the format of /.mlterm/*font is changed as follows. Charset = Font name ; Size , Font name ; Size , Font name ;. - Charset = Font name . Drop XT_CBLINK (CSI?12h/CSI?12l) support. : illegal memory access on MacOSX/Cocoa and Android. segfault in spliting window on MacOSX/Cocoa. (Enged at 3.6.2).
3.6.316 Feb 2016 01:45 minor bugfix: : Compiling error when./configure is executed with "--with-gui=fb (--disable-anti-alias)" or. "--with-gui=xlib,fb --enable-anti-alias" option.
3.6.220 Dec 2015 17:45 minor bugfix: Support composition of normalized unicode characters on MacOSX. Change the default value of "type_engine" option from "xft" to "cairo". Add vte_terminal_ set get _word_char_exceptions() to libvte compatible library. : "child-exited" signal of libvte (0.38 or later) compatible library.
3.6.123 Nov 2015 07:25 minor bugfix: Support DECDHL and DECDWL. Disable conversion from Unicode to ISCII if use_ctl = false. Drop mlterm.ti and which haven't been maintained recently. : a which disabled CSI?3h and CSI?3l. (Enged at 3.6.0).
3.5.115 Jun 2015 05:25 minor feature: Improve romaji-kana conversion in using wnn as an input method. (Merge
3.5.007 May 2015 07:05 minor feature: Support WSDISPLAYIO_GET_FBINFO on NetBSD/framebuffer. Support Canna and Freewnn as input method plugins. Support vertical and horizontal splitting of a screen. Add VSPLIT_SCREEN(Shift+F1), HSPLIT_SCREEN(Shift+F2), NEXT_SCREEN(Shift+F3) and CLOSE_SCREEN(Shift+F5) to shortcut key settings. Add "vsplit_screen", "hsplit_screen", "vresize_screen" and "hresize_screen" to OSC 5379. Support Allow132 (CSI?40h, CSI?40l). (Merge HankakuZenkaku key works on Linux/framebuffer. Bug fixes: Fix stiff behavior of "use_local_echo=true" on ssh connection by libssh2. Fix a bug which disabled OSC 5379 show_picture URL on all platforms except win32. (enbugged at 3.4.2).
3.4.420 Feb 2015 14:45 minor feature: libvte compatible library supports vte-2.91 . Bug fixes: Fix unexpected erasure at the bottom line of the screen if you use gnome-terminal 3.6.2 with libvte compatible library.
3.4.308 Jan 2015 20:45 minor feature: deffont/default_font option and vte_terminal_set_font* functions of libvte compatible library overwrite the default font of "ISO10646_UCS4_1" not only "DEFAULT".
3.4.120 Nov 2014 03:17 minor feature: Update unicode properties to 7.0.0. Automatically select an appropriate character set in selecting font on mlconfig according to a selected character encoding. Bug fixes: Fix a bug which disabled " x1b 5381;/dev/...;pty_name x07". Fix "is_auto_encoding" of OSC 5379 which didn't work.
3.4.004 Nov 2014 17:45 major bugfix: Support DEC Locator mode (which is necessary for Xsixel ( Support CSI 2 p (for SDL-sixel and Xsixel) which always hides mouse pointer even if it moves. (Not compatible with xterm though.) Add --point/use_point_size option. Support software keyboard on rotated display. Support HLS in sixel sequence. Change the default mouse pointer on a mlterm window from IDC_ARROW to IDC_IBEAM on win32. Embed sixel processing to mlterm which is built without --with-imagelib option instead of using 'mlimgloader' to improve performance. './configure;make install' (without 'make') is available. Build with fribidi, xft and cairo by default. Change the default value of "type_engine" option from "xcore" to "xft". (If you want to use xcore, add "type_engine = xcore" to /.mlterm/main.) Bug fixes: Fix corrupt scrolling within left-right margin which contains full-width characters. Fix a bug which disabled to show inline pictures if logsize=unlimited. Fix a bug which calls select(2) with an invalid file descriptor after restarting ibus. Fix a libvte bug which disabled color configurations on roxterm or sakura.