Mutabor 4.0.0beta4+sm

Mutabor is a microtuner, that is a program that allows performing and composing microtonal music using a normal MIDI keybord. But it's powerful description language is intended to allow permanent retunings and tuning logics in to describe, what's actually goes on. This allows a musician to use tone systems and pitch spaces which are outside of the scope of keyboard instruments, e.g. unlimited just intonation (Tonnetz) as described bei Martin Vogel or fast changing tunings as it is necessary for comparing tunings. The tuning is controlled by a tuning logic, which is written in the Mutabor language, a programming language that has been developed to be easy to understand by musicians, which are not familiar with programming languages.

Tags adaptive-technologies artistic-software midi interpreter ide c++ macos windows linux unix end-users science-research
License GNU GPL
State beta

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4.0.0beta4+sm30 Jul 2014 18:57 minor bugfix: