MyJIT Library

MyJIT is a small modular library for dynamic machine code generation. In other words, it can compile platform-independent intermediate language to processor-specific instructions which can be afterwards invoked as a regular function. The architecture of MyJIT is based on a simple register-based virtual machine with a RISC-like instruction set. Currently, it supports x86, AMD64, and SPARC processors.

Tags code-generator compiler c posix
License GNU LGPLv3
State beta

Recent Releases Mar 2015 00:48 major feature: This release adds new instructions that allow to mix code and data. New debugging facility has been incorporated to the library. MyJIT may point out to the most common issues in the compiled code. Further, new disassembler displays intermediate and machine code along in a convenient way. This release has been subject to systematic testing, thus many bugs were found and fixed.