Network Tracking Database 14.0

NetDB can inventarize and historize MAC address allocation on network switches and ARP tables on routers. It stores those using MySQL. It supports extensive switch, VLAN and vendor code reports, or tracks static IP addresses, and record neighbor discover. It provides a CLI interface and a web interface, or generate CSV lists.

Tags perl network monitoring inventory report mac arp routing-tables
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

14.012 Apr 2016 10:45 major feature: Requires Math::Round or libmath-round-perl. Added Concurrent Import Support for MariaDB performance with -ci # in netdbctl. Added long term statistical generation (needs work). Added lastseen index to ipmac to dramatically improve ARP table searches on near term data (eg 7 days).
1.1323 Oct 2014 18:45 minor bugfix: Numerous Scraper Updates and Fixes. Comware/H3C Support. Force10 Support. Fortigate Firewall Support. Major changes to Last IP behavior to tie switchport entries to ARP entries. for more accurate reporting.