Paperwork 1.3.1

Paperwork is a GUI to make papers easily searchable using OCR. The basic idea behind Paperwork is "scan & forget" : You should be able to just scan a new document and forget about it until the day you need it again.

Tags scanner office printing image-recognition text-processing indexing filter python gnome x11 gtk posix linux freebsd end-users
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.3.127 Jan 2020 15:14 minor feature: Too many changes since 0.3.0. See ChangeLogs:
0.3.015 Feb 2016 17:57 major feature: * Whole GUI redesigned * Added: dialog to make advanced searches * New dependency: simplebayes * Removed dependencies: - scikit* (replaced by simplebayes) - numpy* (replaced by simplesbayes) - gir1.2-gladeui (obsolete)