picocom 3.1

Picocom is a minimal dumb-terminal emulation program. It is, in principle, very much like minicom, only it's "pico" instead of "mini"! It was designed to serve as a simple, manual, modem configuration, testing, and debugging tool. It has also served (quite well) as a low-tech serial communications program to allow access to all types of devices that provide serial consoles. It could also prove useful in many other similar tasks. It is ideal for embedded systems since its memory footprint is minimal (approximately 30K, when stripped).

Tags terminal serial rs232 dumb-terminal modem embedded unix linux console minicom tty
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

3.101 Feb 2018 10:43 minor bugfix: Mostly bug-fixes, small improvements, and a few new features.
3.026 Dec 2017 08:40 major feature: Several new features, improvements, and fixes.
2.204 Oct 2016 17:22 minor feature: Minor improvements and bugfix release.
2.115 Oct 2015 21:47 minor bugfix: Minor bugfix release.
2.026 Aug 2015 10:21 major feature: