PUMA's EDFplus engine 1.1.2

PUMA's EDFplus engine is an Object Pascal library that supports reading, writing, parsing and composing multichannel biological and physical signals in the European Data Format (EDF) or its successor EDF+.

Tags medical-science bio-informatics library delphi object-pascal pascal developers healthcare-industry science-research
License BSDL-2
State stable

Recent Releases

1.1.225 May 2020 17:36 minor bugfix: Bugfix release.
1.1.120 May 2020 22:16 minor bugfix: Bugfix release.
1.1.018 May 2020 11:07 minor feature: Introducing support for very large EDF files.
1.0.018 May 2020 11:04 major feature: First public release