Programming Without Coding Technology 1.9

PWCT is an IDE for general-purpose visual programming. Its novice-friendly structuring wizards allow to command the underlying Supernova language and VM; which also becomes accessible for mofication. PWCT also supports Python, Harbour, C# and C. History versioning is a built-in feature, supperts imperative / procedural as well as squential object-oriented / event-driven and super server programming.

Tags c visual-programming python supernova vm ide windows wine-compatible
License GNU GPL
State prerelease

Recent Releases

1.915 Sep 2014 10:30 minor feature: * Check News is automatic (No Check News button) * Default steps font size is small * Default Syntax Directed Editor status is OFF Fixes: * Removed - A Beep sound in Goal Designer when the steps tree is active and the user press a key * Intellisense feature could lead to infinite loop when dealing with multiple source files * Clicking on save then paste generate runtime error * Clicking on save then search don't produce the search result.