qtmib 1.1.1

qtmib is a SNMP tool to browse MIB/OID values. It's a Qt4 frontend for net-snmp tools, may communicate with any SNMPv1 or v2-enabled device. qtmib contains a large set of predefined MIB mappings, provides network discovery, and generate reports on system, interface, routing table, connections, process, software.

Tags c++ qt snmp network-administration browser devices
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.1.121 Oct 2014 01:05 minor bugfix: New MIBs added: ancope, netapp, avaya, fortinet, gsmpMIB, picaPrivateMIB. Added host monitoring capabilities to qtmib-discover tool. Added persistent preferences dialog boxes to all qtmib tools. Speed-up MIB walking and network scanning.