radeontop 1.1

radeontop lets you view GPU utilization on open Radeon drivers. Both the total usage and per-block usage are shown. All cards starting with R600 are supported.

Tags radeon gpu monitoring
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.126 Mar 2018 08:20 minor feature: Update pci ids (polaris 12, vega, raven), support GTT reporting, drop privileges when setuid, and an appstream file.
1.019 Jan 2017 09:02 major feature: Resizable terminal support, new pci ids, support for unprivileged use on some X installations, amdgpu support (Polaris 10, 11).
0.909 Aug 2015 13:51 major feature: Fresh PCI IDs for Mullins, Tonga, Carrizo, Topaz, support for all cards = bonaire, avoids interfering with X if started before it, small UI tweaks, and support for the new kernel interface in 4.1 which may allow running without root permissions.