Rapicorn 17.0.0

Rapicorn is a graphical user interface toolkit for rapid development of user interfaces for C++11 and Python development. The source code is released as Free Software and everybody is welcome to contribute ideas, code, wiki contributions and artwork.

Tags ui toolkit user-interface code-generator application-framework widget-set user-interfaces xml c++ python x11 linux
License MPL
State development

Recent Releases

17.0.027 Jun 2017 09:04 major feature: This release brings a number of new widgets, a new SVG theme, rendering optimizations and build fixes for several distributions.
15.09.016 Sep 2015 13:33 major feature: Rapicorn most notably now has theming infrastructure, a number of new widgets and a new command line tool rapidres(1) to integrate resource files into executables.
14.10.009 Oct 2014 22:43 major feature: Multithreaded user interface toolkit for C++ and Python with SVG rendering. The UI is specified in declarative XML files.
13.07.031 Jul 2014 09:35 major feature: Multithreading user interface toolkit with SVG rendering. The API is defined via IDL an accessible frmo multiple languages. The UI is specified in declarative XML files.