Red Eclipse 1.5.0 Aurora Edition

Red Eclipse is a first person arena shooter, suitable for casual gaming. It's built on Cube Engine 2 and runs on all major platforms. It has a few built-in game modes, adaptable settings, comes with a level editor, and lots of community-maintained modifications or patchsets.

Tags game fps opengl arena cube-engine2
License Mixed
State stable

Recent Releases

1.5.0 Aurora Edition23 Mar 2015 06:05 major feature: Major changes since the move to GitHub and fully community-centric development include: Support for giving AI orders ("defend", "attack", "base", "goal", "ball", "forget"). Better physics and bounce sounds for affinities (flags/points/bombs). Footstep sounds, hear people approaching! Auto team balancing, so you're never stuck with uneven team counts. Rebalanced all weapons, making for a fairer game. New weapon, the "zapper". Electrify your friends and foes! Increased weapon spread when in air / impulsing Rebranded Defend-The-Flag to Defend-And-Control, with a new look. Increased buffing timeout tolerances when defending affinities. Slicker menus, tips and rollover help text. Scoreboard redesign and better colouring. Ability to send a message to a specific player with "whisper". Map changes: Race, Absorption, Amplification, Relax, Steel Rat, Test Chamber, War Depot, Abuse, Campgrounds, Canyon, Condensation, Decay, Echo2k, Enyo, Octavus. Data Assets: New vanity items! Blade, Boots, Chestplate, Crown, Disc, Fox Ears, Guitar, Mask, Microeye, Panda, Prongs, Shoulder armour. New wakawaka sound. New model for control points used in Defend-and-Control and Bomber-Ball. New Rocket projectile by Unnamed. Added texture set by Unnamed. Added lava texture by Nobiax, applied in maps Hinder, Nova, Tower