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relmon is a utility for monitoring websites of software projects for new releases. It crawls websites efficiently via HTTP or HTTPS using a configurable number of simultaneous connections and can parse HTML and XHTML documents as well as RSS 2.0 and Atom feeds. Software releases are detected by extracting the version numbers of links to distribution files from the parsed documents or feeds. In addition to the version numbers, the history of releases consisting of the times new release were initially discovered, any encountered errors and the time this information was last updated are recorded. The recorded information on each software project can be output in several different formats, including formatted text, machine-parseable text, and HTML, optionally with the history of releases in Atom feed fromat.

Tags utilities tcl console posix unix developers system-administrators
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

117 Mar 2015 16:25 major feature: - Add discover subcommand - Add manpages for relmon and relmon_watchlist - Add Makefile - Add README file - Check the content type of documents that are being downloaded - Initial revision