rpmrestore 1.7

Rpmrestore allows the user to show the differences (user, group, mode, mtime, size) between a package's status on install and its current status. This act as an improvement of the functionality provided by the "rpm -V" command. It also allows the user to restore the attributes to their original state (install state). It features a batch mode, an interactive mode, a logfile, and rollback.

Tags systems-administration
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.728 Mar 2016 12:15 minor feature: The code was checked on fedora 23 * change shebang to use /usr/bin/env * fix perlcritic warnings * fix rpmbuild problems on bad date in changelog * fix regression test * display date in better human format (date2human) * fix rpm query format for FILEMODES * deprecated syntax = old syntax for -package/-file options * rpmrestore_all : fix internationalisation text problem