RsLibrary 1.2.9

RsLibs is a collection of Java interfaces, classes and static utilities that solve common application developer tasks.

Tags java cross-platform java-library hibernate developers
License GNU LGPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.2.907 Mar 2015 04:45 minor bugfix: RSLIBS-197: Add ThreadLocal to access all values; RSLIBS-196: Add possibility to clean-up a transaction context; RSLIBS-195: Add enumeration for transaction status; RSLIBS-194: Add Levenshtein distance algorithm; RSLIBS-193: Add StringArrayType for Hibernate types; RSLIBS-192: Add a money implementation; RSLIBS-191: AbstractHibernateDao.refresh() does not recognize deletion of object; RSLIBS-190: Add classes to abstract password hashing and checking; RSLIBS-189: Create an abstract DTO based on Map; RSLIBS-188: Provide shortcut method for getX/setX in BO; RSLIBS-187: Add NEVER for CronSchedule; RSLIBS-186: Add modification of default TX timeout; RSLIBS-185: CronSchedule does not recognize quot;3/10 quot; values; RSLIBS-184: add utils for detecting public/static/final/protected/volatile etc members; RSLIBS-183: Detect EnvironmentRuntime from system; RSLIBS-182: hashCode/equals for CronSchedule; RSLIBS-181: Add test for valid email address; RSLIBS-180: Add property name list getter on IBean; RSLIBS-179: Add CommonUtils#join() for Object arrays; RSLIBS-178: AbstractDaoFactory: getTransactionManager not thread-safe; RSLIBS-177: Implement CompositeUserType for Hibernate DateTimePeriod type; RSLIBS-176: Update dependencies; RSLIBS-175: Hibernate EnumerationType does not set parameter correctly; RSLIBS-174: Add additional Hibernate data types for arrays; RSLIBS-173: Extract getId() from IGeneralBO to an extra interface; RSLIBS-172: Shutdown for IOsgiModelService; RSLIBS-171: Missing thread synchronization while initializing HibernateBO; RSLIBS-168: Add support for JDBC Driver parameters
1.2.818 Aug 2014 17:31 minor bugfix: