Screencast your keys. 1.2

A screencast tool to display your keys, inspired by Screenflick. This major rewrite features: Several keyboard translation methods, Key composition/input method support, Configurable font/size/position, Highlighting of recent keystrokes, Improved backspace processing, Normal/Emacs/Mac caps modes, Multi-monitor support, Dynamic recording control by pressing both control keys, Switch for visible shift and modifier sequences only.

Tags screen-capture education presentation python gtk unix linux education end-users
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.208 Aug 2020 16:00 major feature:
1.128 May 2020 13:53 major feature:
1.021 May 2020 08:23 major feature:
0.916 May 2016 06:05 minor feature: screenkey 0.9 Ctrl+Ctrl detection now works correctly in more scenarios. Ctrl++ (and similar sequences with repeated characters) are now shown as. Ctrl+"+" for improved readability. Shift+Backspace is now recognized and shown correctly. Several multimedia keys are now supported. If "FontAwesome" is installed. the correct symbol is also displayed instead of a text abbreviation. Visualization of whitespace characters can now be controlled. Repeated key sequences are now abbreviated with a repeat count if above the. specified threshold (3 by default).
0.806 Nov 2015 00:45 minor feature: screenkey 0.8 Alt+Shift mapping on stock altgr-intl keyboard layouts. Correctly stay above fullscreen windows. Do not mask pointer/keyboard events: allow the mouse to be used normally. "under" the output window. Improved interactive positioning (slop is required). Allow KeySyms to be ignored (added `--ignore` on the command line), for. better interaction with custom keyboard maps.
0.718 Sep 2015 03:15 minor feature: Screenkey 0.7.0 Font color, background color and opacity are now fully configurable. The saved state of boolean settings (persistent, modifiers only, etc) is. Correctly restored when changed from the settings dialog.
0.6.208 Sep 2015 03:15 minor feature: Detect key repeat. Handle keysyms outside of the Xorg/Xfree reference table. Flush less often. Try to handle autorepeat also for non-detectable clients. Update URLs. Specify an absolute pixel size for the label. show persist option value in preferences dialog. Always allow to reset internal geometry. key quoting when deging. Bump version to 0.6.2.
0.6.120 Aug 2015 11:09 major feature: Key composition/input method support. A new setting (always show Shift) has been added to always add "Shift" in modifier sequences which contain capitalizable letters. CapsLock and NumLock status (on/off) is now shown when pressed.
0.518 Aug 2015 14:58 minor bugfix: