SLING v.1 is an operating system based on the unix architecture and implemented in CDollar Technology and C/C++. It is invented by wilmix jemin j IN CDOLLAR and C/C++ Technology at 2016 for WSIT Professionals CDollar is used to construct Desktop GUI as fast as possible. we can easily construct the OS GUI with in 1 day using CDollar. Features of SLINGv.1 ----------------------- a) It never crash b) It is fast to connect internet and Userfriendly. c) SLING DESKTOP(VISUAL DEKTOP) will be in GRID Format. d) SLING Window with Navigation PopUpmenu. e) Comes with Bash Konsole f) SLING Command prompt to execute dos programs or .EXE Programs. g) Galaxy Command prompt to execute .EXE programs. h) Explorer i) SLING Desktop is more attractive and it is Modern Desktop. j) STRIPES WINDOW with Navigation. k) WCONSOLE to make OS Not to crash .... l) It prevents hackers and virus and even it locks the Bash Konsole and protect Bash Konsole.. m) Animation Fish Moving on right side....

Tags cdollar operating-system unix c++ desktop
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

.114 Feb 2016 18:05 major feature: Added feature like sling visual desktop, SLING Window with Navigation PopUpmenu. It is constructed to be userfriendly os....