Super User Do 1.1.0

This software aims to be a UNIX tool for generic secure usage when in need of privilege escalation. It is designed to run SUID, with "super-user powers" to execute things as root on the system it is installed. Main differences compared to sudo: - Easier audit thanks to literate development methodology - Fewer lines of code, fewer features, fewer dependencies - No configuration file, no parsers - Public domain licensing SUD is designed for security: it leverages all possible measures to avoid vulnerabilities, primarily the reduction of complexity in its own design and implementation.

Tags shell sudo security literate
License Public Domain
State initial

Recent Releases

1.1.002 Feb 2021 00:49 major feature: Documentation and builds for gnu/x86, apple/osx and arm/raspberry targets. Short documented code, basic functionalities in place. Optional PAM support.