Swiss File Knife 1.7.4

SFK combines a hundred command-line and file operation tools into a single binary. It operates on single files, directories or trees, and even zip/tar archives. It provides text searching (also in binary files), search and replace operations, checksum generation, locating duplicate content, file splitting and merging, CR/LF linebreak conversion, hexdumping, colorization. There are also instant servers for FTP and HTTP or direct file transfers, or debug TCP/UDP and HTTP connections. It's also relocatable/portable for USB stick setups on Windows.

Tags c++ command-line text-processing file-management system-search linux windows macos ftp http-server cross-plattform
License BSDL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.7.411 Feb 2015 05:59 major feature: Added sfk rename, a flexible multi file rename function. Improved output display for hexfind, xhexfind and replace, with the latter one now showing a dump output by default. Improved linux default color with dark shell backgrounds.
1.7.209 Oct 2014 00:14 minor bugfix: Fixed addcr, remcr not working with mixed format files. Chaining support commands: storetext and gettext to remember the current chain text. Added sfk list -kb ytes , -mbytes, -gbytes to list file sizes in larger units then bytes.