SynWrite 6.7.1460

SynWrite is a source code editor for Windows. It incorporates many features from other well-known editors, such as Notepad++. SynWrite is extensible with Python plugins, but provides syntax highlighting, code folding, auto-completion, templates, macros, regexpressions, and editing sessions out of the box. It's also useable in portable mode, allows editing with multiple carates and selections, adds a tree and file explorer view, FTP/SFTP support, a document mini-map, builtin clipboard historing, external tool invocation, image previews, document bookmarks, spell checking, and is multi-lingual and supports most encodings.

Tags c delphi python text-editor windows end-users developers desktop wine-compatible
License MPL
State stable

Recent Releases

6.7.146006 Sep 2014 07:21 minor bugfix: Dialog "Edit macros" supports key-combos. Key association changed: Ctrl+1, Ctrl+Num1 (not for external tools yet). Current "zoom" saves per-file. Some bug fixes.