TaskRegistry 3.4

TaskRegistry is a calendar, open tasks and time registation program. The calendar is inspired by a classic monthly "one page, one column" calendar sheet. The time registration is designed to track the time spent on projects, f.e. to write monthly invoices to your customers. And on tasks you can simply note your open tasks, arrange them in groups and prioritize them lower or higher.

Tags office utilities tcl tk linux end-users
License BSDL-2
State stable

Recent Releases

3.408 Apr 2020 15:41 minor feature: use of dunstify as alternative to notify-send (if available), bugfix on PDF export regarding displaying months, update PDF creation, and update documentation
3.301 Jan 2018 07:04 minor feature: better integration in actual environments, icon for window maker, gui improvements, enhanced documentation
3.222 Dec 2017 10:02 major feature: calendar functionality, bugfixes, modifications for FreeBSD
2.218 Feb 2017 07:07 minor feature: Improvements to the GUI (keyboard usage, modifying button, layout)
2.112 Jan 2017 07:23 major feature: First public release of this software.