Tcl3D 0.9.5

Tcl3D provides OpenGL bindings for TCL scripts. It's a SWIG-generated wrapper for 3D rendering using OpenGL, or alternatively SDL, OpenSceneGraph, Open Dynamics Engine or Nvidia Cg. It provides custom extensions like gauge drawing and various utility functions on top.

Tags tcl opengl 3d-rendering swig software-development
License BSDL
State development

Recent Releases

0.9.512 Feb 2024 00:23 cleanup: Maintenance release. - Enhancements / New features: + GLEW updated to version 2.2.0. + Gl2ps updated to version 1.4.2. + Corrected SDL wrapper to work with SDL2.0.20. SDL_thread not wrapped anymore. + Regenerated tcl3dOglHelp.tcl with links to Khronos sites. - Demonstration programs: + Added two new demos. + Cleanup of obsolete demos and corresponding images.
0.5.024 Jul 2014 23:55 major feature: This release added Tcl/Tk 8.5.8 support, with dicts and ttk being used per default. GLEW version updated to 1.5.7. OpenGL support now up to 4.1. Incorporated features from Togl 2.0 include Tcl_Obj usage, and fixed reshape. GLUS shapes glusCreatePlane, glusCreateCube, glusCreateSphere, glusCreateTorus, glusDestroyShape added. New utility functions include tcl3dOglReadShaderFile, tcl3dOglBuildProgram, tcl3dOglCompileProgram, tcl3dOglLinkProgram, tcl3dOglDestroyProgram, tcl3dReadImg, tcl3dOglGetVersionNumber, tcl3dOglGetProfile, tcl3dAfterIdle, tcl3dGetDirList, tcl3dDirSelect, tcl3dVectorEqual, tcl3dCgResetError, while tcl3dVector was extended.