UniversalCodeGrep 0.2.1

UniversalCodeGrep (ucg) is an extremely fast grep-like tool specialized for searching large bodies of source code. It is intended to be largely command-line compatible with Ack, to some extent with ag, and where appropriate with grep. Search patterns are specified as PCRE regexes.

Tags regex pcre text search searching utilities c++ linux developers information-technology
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

0.2.111 Feb 2016 00:34 minor bugfix: Minor bugfix/feature release of UniversalCodeGrep (ucg). Added - Added auto-versioning support, improved --version output to display built-from vcs/tarball info, compiler version, libpcre version and info. Resolves #4, #56. - Added performance test vs. grep on Boost --cpp files with regex 'BOOST.*HPP' to testsuite. - Added color-vs-file and color-vs-tty tests to the testsuite. - Performance test suite now captures version info of the programs that are being compared. Resolves #22. Changed - Updated color logic so that --color forces color regardless of output device, and tty will get color unless --nocolor is specified. Resolves #52. - Merged pull request #36 from SilverNexus/master: Add CMakeFiles to automatically excluded dirs. Fixed - Files with thousands of matches no longer take anywhere near as long to output. Should help performance in the average case as well. Changed some naive O(n 2) algorithms to O(n) ones. Resolves #35. - Refactored Globber's bad-start-path detection logic to eliminate a file descriptor leak. Resolves #46 / Coverity CID 53718. - Fixed extra newline at the start of tty output. Resolves #50. - Merged pull request #54 from ismail/clang-fix: Add sstream include to fix compilation with clang with libc++. Security - Now compiling with -Wformat, -Wformat-security, -Werror=format-security if compiler supports it. Resolves #57.
0.2.025 Jan 2016 00:48 major feature: