VICE - Versatile Commodore Emulator 3.6.1

VICE is a program that runs on a Unix, DOS, Win32, OS/2, BeOS, Amiga or Mac OS X machine and executes programs intended for the old 8-bit computers. The current version emulates the C64, the C64DTV, the C128, the VIC20, practically all PET models, the PLUS4 and the CBM-II (aka C610/C510). An extra emulator is provided for C64 expanded with the CMD SuperCPU. VICE is *free* software released under the GNU General Public License, and as such it comes with full source code.

Tags emulator cross-platform c
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

3.6.124 Jan 2022 01:11 major bugfix: This is a service release which fixes some regressions and annoyances reported by our users after the 3.6 release. See for details.
3.624 Dec 2021 15:16 major feature: Many. See for details.
3.222 May 2018 00:29 major feature: The next iteration of VICE is here. This release features a lot of bug fixes and some new additions. For details on what has been fixed and what new features have been added, check the NEWS file, or the Changelog for more detailed information. This release is a source-only release with all the ports/UI's of the previous releases. From this release on, all ports/UI's will be deleted except for the SDL1/2 builds and the new (experimental) Gtk3 port. Gtk3 port --------- Since even after repeated requests no developers showed up to keep the various ports alive (Mac Cocoa, Win32, BeOS, etc) we've decided to use the Gtk3/GLib toolkit to be able to still provide a proper UI on Windows, Mac and Linux/BSD. The Gtk3 UI is at present still a work in progress, though it currently is pretty complete. We'll providing binaries for Gtk3 at a later date. SDL port ------------- For systems that don't support Gtk3, there's the SDL UI. This UI is complete and works on all systems VICE currently supports. (For systems supporting Gtk3 there's an SDL UI available) So, this release is the last release with the legacy ports. No bugs will be fixed in any of those port, nor will new features be added. For that, use either the new Gtk3 UI or the SDL UI. * Upgrading =========== If you run into trouble please try removing any VICE configuration files left from previous installs. (vice.ini / .vicerc / vice2.cfg / vice-sdl.ini depending on platform)
3.131 Mar 2017 20:39 major feature: * Upgrading =========== If you run into trouble please try removing any VICE configuration files left from previous installs. (vice.ini / .vicerc / vice2.cfg / vice-sdl.ini depending on platform) * Changes in VICE 3.1 ====================== ** General ---------- - New support for double sided 1571 g64 and p64 images. - SID filter improvements. ** C64(SC)/SCPU64/C64DTV/C128 changes ------------------------------------- - New joyport script64 dongle emulation. - New joyport vizawrite64 dongle emulation. - Fixed joyport paperclip64 dongle emulation. - Fixed StarDOS emulation. ** XVIC ------- - Fixed VIA emulation. ** C1541 -------- - Fixed commands and added new commands. ** BeOS/Haiku changes --------------------- - New drag drop support: dragging a file from Tracker into the window now autostarts it, and dragging text into the window pastes it.
3.022 Dec 2016 21:05 major feature: ** General ---------- - New SDL based Android port. - New Windows RT port. - New Sortix port. - New SDL2 support. - New SCPU64 emulator (xscpu64). - New KoalaPad emulation. - New high pass filter emulation for DAC based devices (SFX sound sampler, DigiMAX cartridge, DigiMAX shortbus device, userport DAC, userport DigiMAX device, DigiBlaster SIDcart add-on). - New sampler sound input support, used by sfx sound sampler, digiblaster and userport/joyport sampler devices. - New tapeport system supporting the following devices: datasette, tapelog, cp-clockf83, tape-sense dongle, (not yet working) dtl basic dongle. - New Inkwell Systems lightpen emulation. - New scroll wheel support for the Micromys mouse emulation. - New "printer/plotter" Commodore 1520 emulation. - New 1540 drive emulation. - New native (koala/doodle) screenshot support. - new godot screenshot support. - New keyrah keymaps. - Extended the 'RS232 net' support to all platforms that support networking. - RTC offset and RAM contents can now be saved. - Documentation in PDF and TXT format. ** C64(SC)/C128 changes ----------------------- - New IDE64 v4.2 emulation. - New IDE64 USB server emulation. - New IDE64 DigiMAX short bus device emulation. - New IDE64 ETFE short bus device emulation. - New RGCD cartridge emulation. - New Final Cartridge III+ emulation. - New rrnet mk3 cartridge emulation. - New easy calc result cartridge emulation. - New GMod2 cartridge emulation. - New MMC64, MMCReplay, RetroReplay and IDE64 clockport emulation. - New RRNET clockport device emulation. - New MP3@64 clockport device emulation. - New joyport system which currently supports attaching the following devices to the native ports: joystick, paddles, 1351 mouse, neos mouse, amiga mouse, atari cx22 mouse, atari-st mouse, smartmouse, micromys mouse, koalapad, generic lightpens, datel light pen, magnum light phaser, stack light rifle, inkwell light pen, 2bit sampler, 4bit sampler, bbr
2.427 Aug 2014 00:55 major feature: * Changes in VICE 2.4 ====================== ** General ---------- - New SDL based MIPS Windows NT port. - New SDL based native Dingoo port. - New monitor commands: autostart and autoload. - Rewrite of the sound system, output is now mono/stereo selectable. - Split off the 5x0 model from the 6x0/7x0 models in xcbm2, new emulator is called xcbm5x0. - Split off sid player from c64, new program is called vsid. - New maintainer for the polish translations, they are now 100 up2date. - New IEC FD2000/4000 drive support. - New 1541 drive sounds emulation. - 1541 drive emulation has been greatly improved. ** C64/C128 changes ------------------- - ACIA address now selectable. - I/O conflict behaviour now selectable. - Added Pagefox cartridge support. - Added Silverrock cartridge support. - Added Formel64 cartridge support. - IDE64 support extended to be able to handle 4 devices. - IDE64 FD/CD/CF support added. - Added "Kingsoft" ("Business Basic" aka "S'more") cartridge support. - SFX sound sampler, SFX sound expander and digimax extended to output in stereo. - Added Triple SID support. - Added Nordic Replay support to the Retro Replay cartridge emulation. - Added video to audio leak sound support. - Added VICII 'no border' mode support. - Magic Voice cartridge emulation improvements. - Added support for the kingsoft and starbyte userport joystick adapters. - Added MicroMys, SmartMouse, Atari CX-22 trackball, and Atari mouse support. - Added supercard+ support. - Added DS12C887 RTC expansion support. - Added userport RTC (58321a) expansion support. ** C64 changes -------------- - Support for drive burst modification. ** C128 changes --------------- - Improved the z80 cycle emulation. - C128 model can be selected. - Added internal function RAM and RAM+RTC support. ** VIC20 changes ---------------- - Added I/O conflict checking with selectable be